Thursday, March 27, 2014

In the context of….

Do you ever see something and think "Oh that is soooo 'so-and-so'" So-and-so being said friend who can totally pull off what ever item you are ogling, while you think there is just no way you could wear it yourself.  Decor can be just like that! Kelly Wearstler and One Kings lane paired up and hit the Paris Flea to bring to all of us quite a curated bevy of goodies. You should take a look. There are quite a few items on the list that if you saw outside of this collection, might not be as striking, but in the context of Kelly Wearstler and Paris, well…... it's chic. All of it.

Inspired by KW

Since we don't all have the 'argent' to hit the Paris Flea…or even some of the items Kelly and OKL brought back for us, I decided to put together a few more affordable finds to get the same look. Etsy has been my best friend lately! SO many incredible items on that site. Can't way tot share more of them with you!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Patio Talk

An 80 degree day paired with a trip to warm sunny Puerto Rico last week has me a sunshine state of mind! I met a friend for lunch on Friday, we sat on the patio at a great little french place and had salads and rosé-- not the sweet white zin-esque rosé of the early 90's my friends, the real deal dry rosé, perfect for warm days outside! (It was Chateau Bonet from France in case you are interested in hunting a bottle down to give it a try. I had a hard time finding it even online so I'll send you to my fave place in NorCal. Skinner Vineyards  is across the street from my parents place and I die over their Rosé. You can purchase online and have them ship it. )

We had a fantastic time chatting about outdoor parties and I was telling her all about our CA home and the parties we use to throw. It was a fabulous place (I miss the heck out of it!)  and I'm determined to make our new backyard just as great. It will be a completely different level as size is quite different …believe it or not, we had an acre in CA. I know, almost unheard of in SoCal. Our backyard in Texas will be small so I need to make the best use of the space.

I'm keeping all sorts of images on my patio pinterest board and a few idea books on Houzz. I'm loving all of these…

I can't wait to move in….it seems completely crazy that I haven't had even one rose to prune or plant to water in what feels like forever! It's the little things in life.  Oh and if you are dying over that table in the first image like I was, you can find the DIY instructions here…I Know!! Kristin is amazing, no? I'll be making one of these for SURE when my dad comes to town…and by me I mean him! Everyone needs a table with a great little ice bucket in the middle….keeps the Rosé cool!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Decorist - a little bit of decorating genius!

Seriously! if you have not visited yet, put it at the top of your list! It's so brilliant it makes me laugh!  A few weeks back I was approached by the fabulous ladies of to do a guest post for them about how I style my coffee table.  After spending a little time on their site I was sort of freaked out that they may have cameras in my house Lol. Let me explain their concept....

Personal, affordable, easy interior design. I know! Professional interior design help that is affordable...and good, dare I say great, fab, amazing?! Yep! You set up an account, take a quick design profile quiz and they customize everything to your taste based on your design profile. Decorist has a "d of the day" a piece that was curated in your taste just sitting there waiting for you! Not only is there a d of the day but an entire list of items that they have curated within your taste. Some new, some vintage, all perfectly curated to your taste! My list of items was so spot on that it made me laugh...and a few of the vintage pieces on the list I actually have! I thought for sure they had bugged our place with cameras! Lol. Decorist offers a variety of interior design services from asking a simple question {professional design advice for free? Yes! } to a full room mini-makeover for $169. All items are affordable and accessible via online purchase. I'm telling you, decorist is brilliant!

You need to head over to on the pronts! Check out my coffee table style advice while you are there! Vintage finds and shopping list included...obvi!

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Friday, March 7, 2014


A much needed beach vacation is just around the corner for us. I'm so ready to just sit, relax and enjoy warm ocean breezes (and loads of Bacardi!!)  so it's no wonder this photo of Cameron Diaz's home spoke to me when I stumbled upon it.

Leave it to Kelly Wearstler to create something so show stopping with a palette of pink and yellow… chic terms -- blush and gold. I'm obsessed with all the textures in this room! Earthy, organic and polished perfection used as inspiration for a beach chic board. I've been having a  grand old time on polyvore lately. It has been used for apparel for so long and they are now breaking into home goods…it's one of my favorite places to gather home dec items, dream up mood boards and mock up rooms.  Are you having a deco-conundrum?? Head over to and gather up goods to see how they work together before you get them home.


Mama needs a good few days at the beach, something to mix with rum, and a $10,000 Kelly Wearstler surf board.  Happy Friday!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Layered Living

Layered living seems to be the story of my life! In SO many senses of the phrase. Sometimes I think there may be one too many layers and wish that things could be more simple. A whittled down "to do" list sure sounds great! But then I know me…and I get bored easily and don't love to sit still…unless I am designing mood boards or pinning to my hearts content, then I'll sit.

I've been a tad bit obsessed with sourcing ideas, inspiration and furnishings for our new Texas home. Our Cincy home seemed to be easier to work with as the floor plan was sort of build around the furniture and I'm now obviously working with a non-custom floor plan. To be honest, I'm still a little heartbroken about leaving our Cincy home behind so I'm just trying to really focus on how to make this Dallas house just as beautiful in it's own way. Layers of pattern and texture are clearly the way I am going.  I'm craving some dark woods…old school, traditional antiques. Mixed with modern unexpected pieces.

I DIE over this dining room by Angie Hranowski. I'm SO blue focused lately that I feel like I'm starting to see navy as a neutral! I'm also a little scared that I may end up painting every room in the house either blue or black.

Collection NO. 2

As simple as I would love life to be, as you can see by the images that draw me in, I'm clearly an eclectic at heart…

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say,
 and not giving a damn"

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