Monday, March 24, 2014

Patio Talk

An 80 degree day paired with a trip to warm sunny Puerto Rico last week has me a sunshine state of mind! I met a friend for lunch on Friday, we sat on the patio at a great little french place and had salads and rosé-- not the sweet white zin-esque rosé of the early 90's my friends, the real deal dry rosé, perfect for warm days outside! (It was Chateau Bonet from France in case you are interested in hunting a bottle down to give it a try. I had a hard time finding it even online so I'll send you to my fave place in NorCal. Skinner Vineyards  is across the street from my parents place and I die over their Rosé. You can purchase online and have them ship it. )

We had a fantastic time chatting about outdoor parties and I was telling her all about our CA home and the parties we use to throw. It was a fabulous place (I miss the heck out of it!)  and I'm determined to make our new backyard just as great. It will be a completely different level as size is quite different …believe it or not, we had an acre in CA. I know, almost unheard of in SoCal. Our backyard in Texas will be small so I need to make the best use of the space.

I'm keeping all sorts of images on my patio pinterest board and a few idea books on Houzz. I'm loving all of these…

I can't wait to move in….it seems completely crazy that I haven't had even one rose to prune or plant to water in what feels like forever! It's the little things in life.  Oh and if you are dying over that table in the first image like I was, you can find the DIY instructions here…I Know!! Kristin is amazing, no? I'll be making one of these for SURE when my dad comes to town…and by me I mean him! Everyone needs a table with a great little ice bucket in the middle….keeps the Rosé cool!

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