Monday, March 3, 2014

Layered Living

Layered living seems to be the story of my life! In SO many senses of the phrase. Sometimes I think there may be one too many layers and wish that things could be more simple. A whittled down "to do" list sure sounds great! But then I know me…and I get bored easily and don't love to sit still…unless I am designing mood boards or pinning to my hearts content, then I'll sit.

I've been a tad bit obsessed with sourcing ideas, inspiration and furnishings for our new Texas home. Our Cincy home seemed to be easier to work with as the floor plan was sort of build around the furniture and I'm now obviously working with a non-custom floor plan. To be honest, I'm still a little heartbroken about leaving our Cincy home behind so I'm just trying to really focus on how to make this Dallas house just as beautiful in it's own way. Layers of pattern and texture are clearly the way I am going.  I'm craving some dark woods…old school, traditional antiques. Mixed with modern unexpected pieces.

I DIE over this dining room by Angie Hranowski. I'm SO blue focused lately that I feel like I'm starting to see navy as a neutral! I'm also a little scared that I may end up painting every room in the house either blue or black.

Collection NO. 2

As simple as I would love life to be, as you can see by the images that draw me in, I'm clearly an eclectic at heart…

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say,
 and not giving a damn"

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