Thursday, March 27, 2014

In the context of….

Do you ever see something and think "Oh that is soooo 'so-and-so'" So-and-so being said friend who can totally pull off what ever item you are ogling, while you think there is just no way you could wear it yourself.  Decor can be just like that! Kelly Wearstler and One Kings lane paired up and hit the Paris Flea to bring to all of us quite a curated bevy of goodies. You should take a look. There are quite a few items on the list that if you saw outside of this collection, might not be as striking, but in the context of Kelly Wearstler and Paris, well…... it's chic. All of it.

Inspired by KW

Since we don't all have the 'argent' to hit the Paris Flea…or even some of the items Kelly and OKL brought back for us, I decided to put together a few more affordable finds to get the same look. Etsy has been my best friend lately! SO many incredible items on that site. Can't way tot share more of them with you!

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