Thursday, March 13, 2014

Decorist - a little bit of decorating genius!

Seriously! if you have not visited yet, put it at the top of your list! It's so brilliant it makes me laugh!  A few weeks back I was approached by the fabulous ladies of to do a guest post for them about how I style my coffee table.  After spending a little time on their site I was sort of freaked out that they may have cameras in my house Lol. Let me explain their concept....

Personal, affordable, easy interior design. I know! Professional interior design help that is affordable...and good, dare I say great, fab, amazing?! Yep! You set up an account, take a quick design profile quiz and they customize everything to your taste based on your design profile. Decorist has a "d of the day" a piece that was curated in your taste just sitting there waiting for you! Not only is there a d of the day but an entire list of items that they have curated within your taste. Some new, some vintage, all perfectly curated to your taste! My list of items was so spot on that it made me laugh...and a few of the vintage pieces on the list I actually have! I thought for sure they had bugged our place with cameras! Lol. Decorist offers a variety of interior design services from asking a simple question {professional design advice for free? Yes! } to a full room mini-makeover for $169. All items are affordable and accessible via online purchase. I'm telling you, decorist is brilliant!

You need to head over to on the pronts! Check out my coffee table style advice while you are there! Vintage finds and shopping list included...obvi!

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Lisa said...

Simone! Thank you for the lovely shout out. We are grateful that you graced us with your style & wisdom!