Friday, February 28, 2014


A friend of mine recently bought a house with her luv. Her previous place was all glam, no man and while I believe she's got herself a keeper who gives her carte blanche when it comes to decorating, we all no no man really wants to live in a glamor house! She's enlisted my help in meshing two styles….her all glam previous life and a rustic farmhouse vibe. All the inspiration photos she sent my way were grey, white, cream…very farmhouse, pretty colorless…but the more we got through the question and answer process the more it became apparent that she really wanted to add color and an eclectic feel but she just didn't have a vision for it. Working with the sofa she already has and the fact that she has mentioned numerous times that she wants to keep it but also can't get the idea of a white slipcovered couch out of her head I created a family room inspiration board for her. It's a little bit farmhouse, a little bit glam and includes her current sofa and white slipcovered chairs to hopefully cure that craving for a white couch. I think the styles work fabulously together.


Fancy, yet comfy and totally eclectic….we all know I'm not a fan of the straight-from-the-catalog look. The darker colors in the art and moroccan pouf ground the design and make it feel a little more manly. Between the furnishings and the fact that I have a slight crush on Summar La Rose, I kinda' want to move in myself!

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