Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oh! Hey! Or should I say Hi Y'all!

Where on earth have I been?? The right question is where on earth have I NOT been! The end of last year brought a quite an upheaval in my world! So much so that I thought it best if I fall off the face of blogland for a while. I didn't have much positive to say so I thought it best to just say nothing at all for a while.

Here's the skinny, we made the move to Cincinnati by choice. We embraced a new and different pace of life. It wasn't easy but we did it. Moving was MUCH more difficult than I thought it would be. I missed my friends like CRAZY and I missed Los Angeles almost as much. Let's not even talk about how hard it was to move the kids. Just as we were really starting to settle in we got what I like to call a "corporate bitch slap" and to say it was unexpected is an understatement. The company that we moved to Cincy for, the same one that Mr. Suit and Tie has worked for for 20 years decided that it was time for a re-org which included closing their Cincinnati office. We were basically put on hold for 4 weeks wondering where we would be going, if anywhere. We had just started to feel settled, the kids had made great friends and we in the middle of building our totally custom dream house. It was heart breaking! So long and short, we were relocated to Dallas… our house in Cincy is on the market now and we are building a house in Frisco Texas. We are living in a rented house until our home here is completed…which should be well…um… firm date on that but I'll keep you posted :) I'm saying mid April at the LATEST! We are settling here after a very long year and I realize that in the long run Dallas is a better place to be. I am really starting to see all of it's benefits. It's sort of a cross between LA and Cincy.

We are blessed to have ROCKSTAR kids who have both done very well with a double move. We really couldn't ask for two more incredible girls!! We are also fortunate that Brian was able to keep his job and that we have the wherewithal to get through it all….although at times it hasn't been pretty! Even though it was a tough year, starting last Feb with putting our house on the market in California, I know we are pulling through it, landing in a better place. I can finally see the light of day! Funny that it has been difficult to NOT blog. I sat down at the computer so many times with SO many ideas and tid-bits that I wanted to share but then somehow fizzled out before I got in on "paper." Not sharing my creativity and manic eye for all things design related (home and fashion) actually hindered my getting to the other side of things…..below freezing temps outside didn't help either! I am a creature of the sun, I always knew that, but never realized how much it was a part of me. I have learned so many things about myself over the last six months! I need to be back here. I miss it. Surrounding myself with inspiration daily is what I crave and I need and I love. I've rebranded a little…it was a perfectly quick, semi-well thought out process (SO my artist brain!). I've been building houses for the past year….so obviously have been a little interior obsessed. You'll be seeing more interior love here on the blog…which is now called SimonSays. Mr. Suit and Tie calls me Simon. Pretty much all the time. I'm sure it has nothing to do with how bossy I am!

Oh and if you are in need of nightstands but have no budget, check out this tutorial on how to make them out of moving boxes! There HAS to be a bright side of having so many boxes around...

There are SO many things you can do with cardboard boxes!! I just wish I could turn them into a cleaning gal…or a pilates reformer that will just exercise for me!! No luck yet…but I'll keep you posted. promise.

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Tamia said...

Wow, that is a big change! I've been considering a move...keep us posted on the happenings in Dallas.

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