Friday, September 27, 2013

Outfit options.

Fortunately for you ladies, I'm feeling particularly indecisive this morning.Since Tar-jay seems to have stepped their game up even further (did you know they could reach any higher?) and I'm loving some of their new fall pieces. I knew I wanted to feature a tip to toe Target look for today's post but there were so many great pieces that I just couldn't decide on which ones to style. Sooooo, today we're looking at two Friday Fancies....Casual Friday. Look one strikes a balance of playful and professional with a classic white oxford, fitted jacket and high tops!! Studded high tops!!

$tuds & $parkle

I actually bought these a few weeks ago..they were on sale. i was really really indecisive as to if I should buy them for myself...or just for my almost 13 year old. In the end we both got a pair. She'll be wearing them more playfully, I'll be wearing them ONLY with a very structured blazer to add maturity to the look. Are there really pieces that are age apropo for both 13 year olds AND people ehem, three times their age?? Jury is still out but I've got a backbone to give it a whirl!

Options two is all about pattern mixing. A jacquard pencil skirt, a checked sweater and leopard boots dressed down with a denim shirt.  Every single piece is from Target! Feel free to swing by on your way to work to grab a new outfit for today.... you know, if you are having a hard time deciding on what to wear to work.


Champers is in the mix. Always. It is Friday after all!

Linking up with Friday Fancies today. Swing on by there to check out loads of Work Wear options  Happy Stylish Friday!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mr. Suit and Tie

One of the perks of moving to Ohio is that Mr. Suit and Tie no longer has a MASSIVE commute. He has gone from 3 hours a day in the car round trip to work to um, 30 minutes...and he doesn't even need to get on the freeway! Once our house is done, he'll even be able to work from home from time to time. He has one room in the house designated as his's his office. All he has ask is "no pink, (he's VERY accepting of everything else I do in the house-- including his amethyst headboard!) something bold and comfortable..and masculine."  It's a challenge for me! I know we want a large desk in there so that we can both work in there if necessary so I have been looking for a smaller dining table. Desks tend to be rather narrow and a dining table just seems to make more sense space wise. The front of the room will be a large custom bay window and the ceilings are 10 feet so it will be able to handle a pretty sizable piece. I have a few options that I'm looking at, this concrete one is at the top of the list for now.
Home office

It's pretty cold so I'll need to be careful with colors, rugs and other textures in the room and I'm working around my SoCal thrift shop score...that gorgeous vintage leather chair with nail heads.

So far I'm loving this look...we'll see what Mr. Suit and Tie has to say about it...I have a few more options up my sleeve, including a glass one with gold legs ;) Perfectly masculine don't you think??

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspired Interiors :: Pattern Play

With the amount of time I am spending on Houzz lately I am overflowing with interior inspiration so I figured it is time to share some of my favorites. The Toronto home of Tim Lam is pure joy! The pattern play in his living room is perfection, don't you agree?

The way he mixes styles and colors in his dining room grounds the space and yet keeps it playful and full of personality at the same that traditional bench tucked in under the console table.

I'm loving the huge floor mirror casually leaning against the dark wall, it is definitely something I'll be working into the decor of our new home. The rug is also TDF...and it's from IKEA! Although I just scoured their website and am not sure if it's still available. I'll have to check our local store and get back to ya'll on that. Doesn't the rug look amazing with the wallpaper...see it reflecting in the mirror? Makes my heart do a little dance.

 Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

More pattern mixing in the bedroom as well as richly stained furniture again... adding warmth and grounding the space. I

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Tim describes himself as a "design enthusiast, in love with design and decoration."  It's very apparent in his home. He changes things up often so make sure you swing by his blog to check out his adventures in design as well as what is inspiring him lately.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reign of rain

Apparently it rains a lot here in Cincy....a lot. I'm ok with that, mostly because rain here means a pop up shower that last just an hour or two and then moves on. I'm good with a quick shower or fast moving thunderstorm. We had a storm two weeks ago that was SO loud and crazy, I was in complete awe. We walked into the grocery store with cloudy skies...but not black skies... and within the 20 minutes we were in there it just started throwing it down. So much so that a lot of people wouldn't leave the store, there were about 20 people just waiting in the lobby for it to slow down It didn't stop for a good 2 hours. Loudest thunder I have ever heard.We made Mr. Suit and Tie make a run for the car and then come pick us up under the overhang, the storm was so loud and crazy that it actually made us laugh! It was fantastic! Who knew weather could be so exciting? What's not exciting is that I don't own a rain coat! This SoCal gal is grossly ill prepared for this sort of weather!


I've been scouring the internets for some rain coat options...I don't love raincoats to be honest but i did find a few that I like. I love the army green Zara has leather sleeves and a fur lined hood...What's not to love about THAT?? A classic trench is always in style and this one has a hood so I find it a bit more intriguing and different. The Dooney and Bourke bag is on my at the top...I may even forgo a light fixture or two for it :) And those Union Jack Hunter boots....well, I'm a Brit....enough said!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

7 weeks from 13....teen decor

Not sure how this one happened but my sweet Liv is 7 weeks away from officially being a teenager! My challenge this week was to make a plan for her bedroom, a teen girl room! Avery's mood board is complete and was pretty easy, mostly due to the fact that she pretty much likes exactly what I like...THAT makes life so much easier. I like it when I get my {decorating} way! The challenge with Liv,  who has such social media names as "inlovewithonedirection" or "1Dismylove" is that, well, she has an opinion that is different than mine!! Whaaat?

I've had a very difficult time nailing down her docor thoughts to anything specific other than "modern, pink, white, grey and pops of blue...and an ombre wall." So last night I sat down to attack this beast as I really just want to get a move on with it.

Here was my thought process taking her requests into consideration...

What does she like to wear?
I think what we wear says so much about what we like and what we are comfortable in that it's important to look to our closets when thinking about decor. Liv is really all over the board on day she's in a cute skater dress and converse high tops, the next something boho or flirty and feminine and maybe the next day she's in jeans and a hoodie. Which is actually great because this means she is open to different styles.

What does she love now and how can I convert that to something that will last?
If it isn't something that can be converted (ie. her obsesh with 1D) how can I work it into the design in a manner that will be easy to switch out when she moves on to something else. She loves animals, One Direction (did I already mention that?!?) dance, Youtube, anything British, cats, owls, science, and feeling comfortable. Out of that list, I think at some point 1D will go, as will owls and cats. You'll see both of these in the design only in art and a pillow or two....things that are very easy and relatively inexpensive to switch out in a years time.

 Here's the plan...

She hasn't seen it yet but I think she is going to love it...especially that crazy round chair!! What do you think??  I know she needs some pieces that will be great for storage and I'll tackle that later... I must run because we are digging a giant hole in the ground today!! From here on out there's nothing but up for this dream home of ours! Wish us luck!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Here's Johnny!

It's been a long looooong time since I've checked in here. Truth be told, the house building process has been kicking my butt! Any time I would normally spend blogging has been sucked up by spending hours on end researching tile, carpet, paint colors, faucets, dishwashers, tile...DOOR HINGES people!! Door hinges. Sometimes it's great to have options...other times not so much. So it's pretty much left me up to my eyeballs in interior Cincy...where the most popular selections don't tend to be quite what I'm looking for. I somehow stumbled across a photo of from the movie the Shining a few days ago and honestly could not stop laughing. I'm not sure which side of the door I've been on...probably both at one time or another over the last 8 weeks. You know....all psycho and sweaty banging the door down with an ax...either that or on the other side just trying to scramble out of a window that's not open far enough to escape.

The good news is...we are about a day away from being finished with the selections process. Today we did our site walk and there was a family of deer in our backyard....finally a glimmer of hope. A hole will be dug this week....hopefully you won't find me at the bottom of it with a 5th of moonshine in the weeks to come. I have faith...and the best damn faucets known to woman kind!!

I'm truly sorry for my absence. I wouldn't have popped my head in here at this point if I didn't feel like I could really commit to being back (I've been doing a LOT of thinking about this little space in the blog-o-sphere...and have dug deep about throwing it in...but to tell you the truth, I feel SO stifled when I don't share the creative chaos that runs my brain!

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