Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Scheming - tips for picking a whole house of color

If choosing a whole house color scheme seems like a daunting task to you, believe me, you are not alone. Even though I have a very distinct style and am confident in it, I am a commitment-phobe when it comes to picking colors for my walls. I have decided deeps breaths and inspiration boards are the way to go. And at some point, you just have to commit. Here are my tips for putting a color scheme together.

Numero Uno:: Gather inspo.
Inspiration boards and the internet make life 10 times easier. Pinterest is invaluable when it comes to this, obvi! I went back and looked at all of my recent pins and looked for color patterns. I am clearly drawn to grey, cream, white and BLUE right now, with little pops of pink!! Honestly, I think I am blue obsessed. I think trolling the internets overall is a great way to find color inspiration. Turn to the professionals....that gorgeous stack of books was staged by a professional at One Kings Lane for their coffee table book sale and I just about flipped when I saw it. It's perfection, not only in color but in style too!! It is going to be my jumping off point for the entire house. Gather as many images as you can from as many sources as you can-- from magazines, online, don't be afraid to snap photos of store displays, planter boxes, nature, sunsets....anywhere. Inspiration is everywhere. What captures your attention through out the day or night? All you really need is a starting point and things seem to flow from there.

Color inspiration

Numero Dos:: Turn to your closet.
I highly recommend you give a great deal of thought to your personal style. Take a minute to look at your closet. What do you wear? Neutrals, bright colors, classic lines, bold patterns, mix and match? Take cues from your closet and decorate accordingly.

I'm looking forward to heading over to Sherwin Williams this morning and picking out a few samples to test run. Grey, beige, white and navy are on the wall color list for me. Pops of gold and pink will for sure be found in accessories. I promise to keep you updated as I make decisions......ggahhhhhhhh! Color commitment is on the horizon. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for daily house building shenanigans.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sale. Style. Cincy.

The house building process is well underway here in Cincy and let me tell you, the decisions can be very overwhelming at times...even for me! So yesterday I decided a little mental break was in order, so between our morning hunting for flooring and our afternoon looking at brick I took a little break and.... shopped, of course. A little online shopping tends to clear the mind and helps in the process of house building and although I should probably be saving money for marble I think I have made some really smart purchases....I bought nothing that can't be worn through the winter and all of it was SO on sale that it would have been a crime not to buy it!! Yes, a crime...I know...tell that to Mr. suit and tie.
An asos break

We are heading to a Cincinnati Bengals pre-season game in a few weeks and I'll be rocking the studded boots and hopefully a super soft Bengals Junk Food top. (I have a few Junkfood hoodies and they are the softest in the world. lovelovelove!) Love me a little Cincinnati style.....with a Simone twist. This morning is gorgeous here in Ohio, blue sky, cool breeze, and loads and loads of greenery...maybe Cincinnati isn't so bad after all :) Happy Sunday my lovelies!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Interior Funday!

Happy Monday Gorgeous gals! How was your weekend? We spent the weekend pretty focused on houses. Saturday we spent some time trolling around neighborhoods looking at house exteriors for brick we like...it's not so much fun.... Seriously.  Mr Suit and Tie has a real opinion about this one as brick is going to make up the majority of the exterior surfaces of our home. Problem being, we kind of like different things. Fortunately, I don't hate what he likes, it's just not on the top of my list. I'm ok with letting him have this one, especially because he is SO gracious with the interior finishes....and we all know those are what count in my world.

Sunday we headed to Homearama. Homearama is a annual home show in Cincinnati. Houses are built specifically for the show and are meant to showcase the best of what builders have. This year Homearama is being held at Carriage Hill...which is actually the neighborhood we are building in {although we are not building a homearama home!!} We spent a few hours perusing the homes yesterday and I was quite struck at how different design is in each part of the country. Cincinnati is very traditional the houses were beautifully built and had very detailed finishes but I honestly wasn't wowed by any of them! (maybe the dance floor in the basement of that one house did make my heart beat a little quicker, but that as about it!) I felt like even the wow factor moments were predictable... I think Homearama next year needs a little dash of Simone (Cincinnati on a whole might be in need as well!)
Sign me up for a fun, unpredictable bedroom.

interior mix

It does have some traditional lines on the furniture.....and look, I've even thrown in a silk drape!  Come on Cincy!!  Are you ready for me??

Linking up with Molly and Carly for FundayMonday

still being [molly]

...did I tell you my Monday started when the girls came down stairs crying because one of the gerbils was missing from it's cage?? {I was down and out with food poisoning last weekend and Mr. Suit and Tie is a softie...so he caved to getting them gerbils.}  If THAT doesn't constitute FundayMonday I don't know what does!?! (don't worry, we found the little rat in the suitcase under her bed! ew.)

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Queen of Tween

The two tweens in my world sort of run my world. They get more and more fun everyday and the older they get the more interested they become in fashion, DIY, shopping and focusing on how truly annoying I can be singing their fave songs aloud...very loud! And they love it when I dance...really love it. And they love it when I make the car dance at stop lights... Add in a little horn honking (y'all know i love my horn) and well, you can just call me the best mom ever!! lol. Poor kids. Let's focus on their love of tween and teen fashion. For the mini me, it's not something new. She has been in on sequins and leopard print since the day she was born (last year her teacher started calling her Zazzle Bedazzle because she wore something sparkly every day. By the end of the year she was writing Zazzle as her name on her school papers!) Her older sister, the tween fashionista was into jeans and Hollister hoodies for a few years and has now broken out of that shell! For this I am thankful....and quickly going broke! This year's back to school shopping needs to be very strategic and has already started with some end of season sale shopping.

Avery's picks

We all know that kids go back to school in summer clothes it's warm everywhere at the end of August. This week I have taken advantage of a few sales. J Crew is offering an additional 30% off of final sale items.....everything sparkly please! Justice has 40% off the entire store.....that little dog sweater can be paired with jeans, shorts, skirt, jeggings, everything! A&F Kids has 30% off if you buy three or more items. A blue and white plaid shirt as well as a denim polkadot button-down are staples. A little animal print bootie can certainly be worn to punch up those jean shorts and simple white tee and they are available in PiperLime's sale....I think about 70% off! Go get your sparkly shop on!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm aliiiive!!

I am! I really am! Moving was a bit much...more than a bit much really. Coordinating 28,000 lbs of stuff from one place to another...even when you don't have to pack anything...it's chaos. And leaving wasn't the easiest thing. SoCal is in my soul (I miss you LA!!)....It just is. So that explains my absence. I just really didn't have the time or the heart to blog. I'm sorry. I do hope you have been following along on Instagam. It really the easiest way to see what I have been up to. A few weeks of coordinating a move (and plenty of last minute time with friends) then up to my parents place for a week of r n' r, wine tasting and riding four wheelers. image Setting up our temp living condo was obviously also on the docent (and making room for a little birthday shoe haul in a closet where there is already very limited space. Yes, those are metallic heeled booties...found here at a significant discount!). I'm trying out a few project that are very rental-living based. I am hoping to share those in the near future.
image So what's happening now? I'm fully focused on settling the kids, making friends and building a house. Oh and of course exploring Cincy. Today was the Newport Aquarium for a little entertainment and  Tom + Chee for lunch. Seriously...this place might be the death of me. The champion of gourmet Tomato soup and grilled cheese sammies..and in every variety you can imagine.  You can either customize you sammie or pick from one of the brilliant combos on their menu that you would most likely not dream up on your own.
The star of the menu (at least in my eyes,) the Donut Grilled Cheese. That's right! Donuts+grilled cheese.... and they are "fancy," so of course I love them 100 times more!   The girls and I split one for dessert (because everyone should have dessert at lunch time)...strawberries and chocolate mascarpone cheese sandwiched between donut halves and grilled up to the most decadent indulgent thing you have even tasted,  I felt my butt grow 2 inches immediately and it was worth every single calorie ingested. (that little neon slice of art in my collage is done by NIcole Newstead. She has a daily painting project, powered by Instagram. You can find her on instagram  @dailypaintings or search Nicole Newsted or at nicolenewsted.com

I have loads of appointments for appliance, brick, stone and the like booked for the next 10 days. I'm overflowing with things to share and am going to make time to blog...because I miss it, and I miss all of you!
Sorry for my little hiatus, things are officially returning to the "new normal" around here. Glad to be back!

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