Monday, May 20, 2013

Hold the fort!!

Whyyyy didn't someone tell me we are moving??!!?? Like moving-moving!! It just hit me ya'll. The movers will be here in exactly four weeks!! Four weeks!! It has been so surreal because it has always seemed so far away...and now. Oh shit! It's here! We have two weekends packed with dance and then a raging party the following weekend then graduation for Olivia, then we are gone. That's all folks! I I have been up to my ears with finding a place to live for 6 months, figuring out how to furnish it, coordinating moving the dogs and kids and furniture and cars...and we even have a relo company helping us!! And here I thought I'd just pack up the car and move on out! It really hadn't hit me until last week how much work this really is!

Every time I open the junk drawer in the kitchen I see a mover just dumping all that crap into a box and sending it off to Ohio. It's just now hitting me that I have a lot of work to do here!! I made three lists this morning. They are long.... but they will get done. Hopefully I be able to stick around here quite frequently as well. Something else recently added to the list - stocking up on all the goodness that downtown Los Angeles has to offer! I had to run down there last week to pick up supplies for ballet costumes and I couldn't help but pick up some new jacquards and a few silks. Yessss, that is a snake print in there..and a little blue and black chevron. Gosh I will miss this place!!!


I know I'm not going to be able to get this stuff in Ohio (never mind the fact that I am not going to have any time to sew over the next six weeks!) Trips back to LA will be on the radar but no longer drivable. Trips to NY to explore a new fabric district will hopefully be frequent :)

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Inner Chihuahua

What inspires you? I gather inspiration everywhere-- seriously....EVERYWHERE!! Sometimes I feel like a little Chiuaua jumping around like" Ilovethatandilovethatandilovethat" "ohblueohgreenohpattern! Mix that match that....and on and on. That really is what it's like to be in my brain sometimes. Well, most of the time really. As you know, I've been spending a beyond excessive more than fair amount of time on Pinterest and houzz gathering ideas for the new house...where again, sometimes I feel like a jumping Chihuahua! Mix that with a bit of anxiety about arranging the move (and by arranging I mean working with a relo company...which believe me is still PLENTY of work!  So thankful that I don't have to do this alone!  We are very fortunate for that!)  and what you have is a interior inspired shopping spree :)


dress / scarf sold out at Target but similar here / vest / shoes

Don't you love the pop of blue in a sea of neutrals??!!  I D.I.E over it!  Inspiration is everywhere. Don't just look to other outfits and fashion mags for clothing inspiration, interiors, art and everyday images do a great job of sparking that inner chihuahua!


Linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday because I just love her so!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Colorful life.

Look what arrived in the mail this week!  The most colorful, fabulous, party-of-the-year wedding invite eva'!


 Isn't it GORGE?? I've know Bradley since I was 7. He's colorful, kind, , hilarious, philanthropic and one of the most "California" guys I know. I am sure Rosey is the same and I am positive their wedding is going to be AMAZE!! In Santa Cruz and of course with a beach party the following day... not sure I can miss this one! Hmmmm.... and what to wear to an event like this?? Oh! So glad you asked! It ties in perfectly with the Friday Fancies theme this week of Weekend Wear.
Weekend Wear

I'm still on my maxi dress kick and am loving the colorful detail on this dress and the fact that it can very easily work from day to night with a simple switch of accessories. I need those LAMB heels now. Really, like right now...only problem is my damn toe is still not happy :( Pointy toe anything is out for me for the next week or so. Maybe I should stick with the sandal option....booooo!

What to wear is covered so now what to give for this event? I like to steer clear of traditional "from the registry" wedding gifts and knowing how laid back these two are, I have the perfect idea. Mosaic books by Mixbook!


Have you guys heard of the Mosaic App?? Ladies!! It's a life changer!! 20 photos, 5 minutes, 20 bucks, one stunning photo book!! Mosaic  is a simple app you download onto your photo and it walks you through selecting 20 photos from your phones memory to make a book out of. It's unbelievably easy and the quality is top notch. Just click away and a hard bound book arrives at your doorstep. IN 4 DAYS!! Yes, 4 days!


I'm SO lazy when it comes to doing any sort of scrap booking and I'm a pretty impatient person so Mosaic  is a dream for me!!  I recently made one from our Key West trip and I absolutely LOVE it! Holla' for Mosaic by Mixbook!!


So my plan.....for this fabulous wedding fiesta... is to shoot away with my iphone, apply what ever filters I so desire and make Mosaic books for Brad and Rosie from their wedding. Best gift eva'??? I know!! I think so too!! You MUST download mosaic. It's beyond!! Linking up with Friday Fancies this week. Swing on over to Long Distance Loving  for loads of Weekend Wear outfit inspo!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Easy breezy.

Can we talk for a second about what's rocking my world right now??? The blow dryer fell off the sink this morning and landed on my toe. Errrrrmergerd!! I KILLS. Even now. And I'm a sissy with things like this...especially toe stuff!! Should it still hurt this bad two hours later?? I mean, it seriously kills!! Trying to move on..... last week the weather was fabs and I was craving nothing but Maxi dresses. I love dresses because they are no brainers...throw them on and go! Easy breezy! I love the movement of this floral Zara number and adding a touch of something a little hard edged like this TopShop necklace adds a bit of unpredictability. Y'all know I love to mix it up!

floral maxi

I did order this dress and am looking wearing it next week when it warms back up around here.  I Could see it paired with this coral moto jacket too if it's still not warming up where you are. Pray that I wont be stuck in flip flops for the next three weeks due to a broken toe!!  

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Monday, May 6, 2013

A place to call home.

We'll hello there ladies and gents! I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I did a blog post! wowza!! Time is just going by at this point!   I spent 7 days of that time once again on the hunt for a new house in Cincy. I have to tell you guys, our realtor is a saint!! In our two house hunting trips, he showed us 57 houses. Yes.....FIFTY SEVEN!!  Can you believe not one of them was a perfect match for us?? He loves us.

So, you ask....What does one do when not one of  57 house cut the mustard?? Clearly you find a plot of land and build your own damn house!!

  Our piece of Ohio! #homesweethome  

This gal could not be more excited!! We are building a custom home. Designed by us form the ground up. {happy dance!} I know the process will be challenging but I think we have a very clear vision of what we want and we both recognize how truly blessed we are to be able to do something like this!  We have fallen in love with the community that we will be living in...the video alone had me at Hello.

It's a bit further out from the city than we had anticipated being but for some reason I felt most at home in Carriage Hill over any other place we looked at in Ohio. It's beautiful and it spoke to me immediately.... rolling hills, horses, streams, bike trails, the most incredible old barn you have ever seen  and the bonus...Target and Starbucks are less than 4 miles away. So this SoCal city loving gal is going country.  I know we will fit in just fine......leopard pants and all!

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