Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Friday!

Do you have plans this weekend? My weekend will look a lot like this::

Weekend plans

So excited for these shoes to arrive! I love me some expedited shipping! Should I apologize here to Mr. Suit and Tie for signing him up for Piperlime email blasts so I could get an additional 15% off these bad boys?? Sorry babe! I finally committed to a spring/summer bag too! Not sure WHY I have such a hard time buying handbags but for some reason I have a hard time committing. lol. I'll post the deets early next week...once the little beauty arrives. Happy Sylish Friday! Have a fabby, flowy, bubbly, fancy shoes kinda' weekend!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer lovin'.

I'll be honest, I'm really a barefoot and maxi dress kinda' girl. I don't really love being cold, wearing socks, or even layering more than two articles of clothing...I know....I'm in for a rude awakening next winter!! Until then I will live in my state of blissful denial. I know I'll make it through with a few tropical vacations sprinkled in here and there and here and know I'm a more is more type of gal ;) Prints, patterns, shoes, handbags, vacations...bring it on! Since the weather has been really warm here I'm in a summer entertaining state of mind and have been working on a few custom tablecloth orders. {{Have you seen my custom patchwork tablecloths in the shop? Total statement makers!}} Anyway, I've been having a blast working with new fabrics and patterns and wanted to share an incredible combo with all of you. I know it's a lot...but again...more is more! Can't you just see all these fabrics fashioned in to a gorgeous tablecloth with some black metal tassels dripping from the corners?? Loves!

Summer entertaining

Pair with a breezy dip dyed maxi dress, some bold modern plates, a heavy dose of sunshine and and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. That's where my thoughts are today. What are you dreaming of?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday musings.

Happy Monday lovely ladies! Starting the week of right is essential in my book and spending a little time on pinterest and polyvore on Monday mornings does this girl good! I hope you find inspiration in what I created. Spring is on my is entertaining and decor and our new house-- even as non-existent as it is right now, I just know it's going to pop up on the market before my next trip out to Cincy!
Monday musing

My Monday musings::

  • Jonathan Adler's line for JCP is fabulous...all of it!!  Go check that out here
  • I'm dying over that green dress, found here....have yet to order it as it's not on sale and I always love a good deal. I have a feeling it won't ever make it to the sale racks as it's stunning!! Might have to pull the trigger on that while it's full price and still available.  
  • Do you die over that light fixture?? Could SO easily be a DIY!
  • And of course I love a good conversational combo. Greek key and chevron, vintage and modern. Just a few of my favorite things!

Happy Monday. I hope you all have an inspired week. 

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Dear Stress,

We need to break up. We cannot continue in this fashion-- or lack there of!! I am officially breaking up with stress and apologizing for my absence. It's pretty much been one thing after another November. I'm pretty much done with it. I need to get back to spending waaayyyy too much time on Pinterest, sewing, fashion, interiors, flea markets and vintage jewelry ...all those things that make me happy and fuel my creativity. I have not been spending any time doing what I love and I have to tell you it takes it's toll. I feel SO uninspired. I'm going to ignore the fact that our trip to Ohio and marathon viewing of 29 houses yielded ZERO new house and focus more on the fact that I have a huge pile of chiffon waiting to be made into some fabulous dresses and maxi skirts!

I will focus less on the fact that an hour before I left to take the girls glamping last weekend the house sprung a leak on a pipe in the know the house that isn't ours any longer. That was a bit awkward but I got thorough it and am now choosing to focus my energy back onto the things I love. Like the vintage chair i have sitting in said garage that has been waiting for at least a year to be painted and re-upholstered.

I'd love to say that I'll be popping back in here to the tune of my previous 4 or 5 posts a week but I honestly can't promise that. I will say that I am taking it upon myself to slow things down a bit and

I am sure inspiration will return shortly and  I will actually feel like I have something worthy of sharing. No one wants to listen to Debbie Downer all the time! lol.'s official, I am dumping stress. Pronto. I'm sorry for being so uninspired lately. And than you for sticking around :)

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