Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saw It. Pinned it. Did it....... jewelry organization

I'm obsessed with ...and I LOVE vintage pieces. It's a problem! Well, I dont really think it is but others may think I have a bit of hoarder in me after seeing the train wreck my jewelry was!


For months I searched Pinterest looking for different jewelry storage ideas and finally came across this little gem. A simple $70 Ikea cabinet spray painted gold. So quick and easy!

I originally bought the smaller shelving unit like this one. Once it was painted I hauled it upstairs and started loading it up but realized it was waaaay too small. So I went back out to Ikea and got the double one and repeated the process. It's perfection! I love it! It has just enough room for everything!!


I was also able to use the smaller one in another spot in our bedroom. I love them both.


Saw it. pinned it. Did it!!  Linking up with Katie and Stephanie today!
Happy Thursday.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life lately. A random Wednesday post

Randomness numero uno::
Life lately is a bit chaotic. I keep telling myself "If I can just get through this week, next week it will slow down" but it just isn't happening. So is life I guess! Better than being boring right?? At least it's colorful good energy chaos! Believe me, I'm not complaining one bit. I'm in the thick of making dance costumes....many of them...for a competition that is next weekend. So I'll be buried under a colorful pile of fabrics and trim for the next week and a half. Fun stuff!!


I love creating when it's over the top glitter and sequins and such. After re-working some dance costumes last year and using glitter tulle I swore I would never use it again. Ever! I literally JUST got it all cleared out of the studio. I found traces of it for almost a year. So why WHYYYYYYYYYYY did I find myself buying 10 yards of it while downtown yesterday?? Some people never learn!! Truthfully because it was the PERFECT color and no one carried it in that color without the glitter. Good thing is we are moving in four months :) Hopefully a full tear down of the studio will rid me of that nasty glitter. I'm thinking about relocating my sewing table to our basketball court and sewing outside this weekend as it's going to be 80 degrees. That way I'll get a little sun and won't have any glitter in the studio.

Numero Dos::
On another bright note... my new winter coat arrived.  I have been eyeing this bad boy since I got the Juicy look book many moons ago (I think early fall) It's fabulous!

Source: via Simone on Pinterest

And I'm sure will be the perfect winter coat for Ohio winters. What's that?? You're thinking it's not going to be warm enough?  Yes, I know it's a cape. I'm sure it will be warm enough though...please just let me live in my my pretty little state of denial. Btw--- it's on serious sale right HERE!! currently 65% off ladies! I know!! You are welcome! It's the perfect winter coat!!  You wont be cold and you'll certainly look good...and I'm sure you will fit in in Cincy! #stickoutlikealeopardprintthumb

Numero Tres::
My dad is coming to town next weekend!! I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving and I CAN'T WAIT!!  I'm the biggest daddy's girl you will ever meet so I am really looking forward to seeing him. Check out this throwback pic of he and my mom in. Hi mom! Don't kill me for posting this!


We were in San Juan, Puerto Rico circa know, when matching Sally Jessie Raphael glasses were big...and overalls! And one too many Bacardi's!  My parents are the best!  Love you guys!  This photo is proudly displayed on a memo board by my desk. The memo board also has all of our Christmas cards from the last 6 years and a photo of my and Brian's grandfathers sitting on a bench, talking to each other at our wedding... It's one of my all time fave pics. I wish I would have taken a pic of that to share with all of you. Another day, I guess. I'm feeling nostalgic lately.....starting to get a little clingy while contemplating the big move ahead.

Linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday. Hop on over to her fabulous blog to read all about her over-thinkings ;) We all have a little of that in us!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Digital influence

It's the digital age ya'll. I know it's no surprise to most of you but as I watch our girls immerse themselves in it I can't help but think how differently they are growing up compared to us! Good, bad or indifferent it's here to stay. Liv has taken to spending a lot of time in her room on her computer. Face time with friends, downloading music and watching youtube videos are often on the top of the list...when she's not doing homework or at school or dance. I always monitor what she is watching and was pleasantly surprised a days ago to find her new fave youtube channel {didn't even know there were channels on u-tube!!} was this gal... macbarbie07 adorable Southern CA gal who loves DIY, clothes and make up. She adorable....and she's going to be a big help in expanding Liv's closet and her style and taste!! {Sneaky mom smirk here!}

You know I love me some clothes..and shoes...and jewelry...and fabrics. Well, my Olivia loves herself a Hollister hoodie and Vans during the cooler months here in SoCal. I let her wear what she wants and we go shopping together so she pretty much picks out her clothes or at least nix's the things I pick that she knows she won't wear. Every morning I suggest a really cute outfit (she has the stuff in her closet) and she usually says she wants to wear a hoodie and jeans...and her Vans. So I shrink on out of her room hoping one day she'll want to not only buy but wear that ombre heart print denim shirt I try to talk her into

And today!!! Today!!! She actually wore cute leggings and a denim shirt..(but there's no proof because that one knows I love blogging and Instagram too!)  She also said she wanted to get that ombre hearts shirt next time we are at Target because macbarbie07 has it and she thought it looked super cute on her! THANK YOU macbarbie07!! You are my hero! You guys should check out her youtube channel if you have girls. It's really adorable and she does some really fun DIY's that are tailored to tween girls. I'm loving all the outfits she put together here (minus the heels for Liv of course) Here's hoping I'll be shopping for little lace moto jackets and floral skirts for Liv in the near future! Cheers to digital influence!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The process of selling this house is going to be the end of me I tell you!! I won't go into details now because this is a public blog and some of us are smarter than giving away our bargaining power because we have a big mounth! Others #notsomuch #buyers. In needing something to cheer me up or at least distract me a bit today I have turned to Pinterest. Images and outfits certainly change my mood - and they are a much better idea than martinis at ten in the morning! Can we please start with this??


Gahhhh!! LOVE! That skirt is EVERYTHING!!  {And the wallpaper.....oh. my!!}  I am a full on sucker for a good floral print and have always wanted to make myself a skirt that is a bit over the top like this.  If I can score a designers guild floral print on ebay for a good deal I just might have to make one! A little bit of sewing will for sure get me through this crazy process!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Obsessed with Orinthology

Happy Friday my lovelies! I know I usually do an outfit post on Fridays but wanted to share with you all an outfit for your home! Decorating is just like dressing....start with one piece and add from there. Let's start with these drapes that I am OBSESSED with!
Vintage modern

The colors are incredible and the print is perfect....birds and flowers?? Yes please! Since the feel of them is so vintage and floral I thought they would be perfect paired with a few modern geometrics. Would you use these in your home? I am DYING to buy them but I don't have a use for them here. I know I would find a spot in our new house....if we had a new house yet! lol. I am really feeling the pull to start looking for a place in Cincy. We are going through all the "fun" of inspections here and I need something to look forward to but due to the fact that we are not actually moving until June I feel like it's still a little early to start looking. Kind of in limbo on the home front - so shall be the case for the next few months I guess!

 Happy Stylish Friday!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dude, Where's my car???

The last few weeks of life have been busy to say the least... but last week, last week was comical (at least it's funny now. It wasn't at the time!)  I felt like I was living the crazy "Annd then...."Chinese food drive through scene from "Dude, Where's my car?"

I spent a crazy two weeks getting the house ready to go on the market.....this place was about as spiffed up as it could get. All tables set, everything staged...everything. And theeeennnn....the house goes on the market and it's Grand Central station with showings, which was great of course but totally chaotic. And theeeen....Superbowl Sunday hits and Brian and Olivia both come down  with the flu-- and not the 24 hour stomach flu..the 5 day cough, chills, fever flu.  And theeeeen......Avery gets the flu on Tuesday night. At this point, we were still showing the house and any time we had to leave I would load the kids into the back of the car, the seats were down and the girls had pillows and blankets and ipods in the back. I felt like we were living in the car! And theeeeeen (yes, yes there is more!!!) Wednesday night I GET THE FLU!! And it's pretty much all down hill from there. Culminating in me crying in the pantry on Friday - "No more and then!! No more and then!!"  I seriously thought I was going to I don't do sick very well-- I'm a great nurse-- but when I am sick myself....It's not pretty.... I cry. Thank goodness no one wanted to see the house on Friday. They might have gotten more than they bargained for!

The good news is, we are all on the mend and we opened escrow today!! Yay! But please, please please.... No more and then!!  Totes felt like I was living "Dude Where's my car!" It is funny now..... Then, notsomuch.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take a bunch of pics of the house...because it's a lot of work to keep this up. I can't imagine I'll be sweeping and vacuuming and dusting and cleaning showers and windows everyday for much longer (and since we are in contract now, I won't be doing so much cleaning...hate cleaning!)  so I'll share some fun decor pics over the next few days-- while things are still nice and clean and fancy!  I'm def due for a day of taking photos and blogging. Oh and I'm obsessed with some drapes I found while on my hunt for new decor - didn't buy them because I really don't need them in this house. I'm sure I will need them in the new house though...what ever that new house might be!  I've been dying to polyvore them and think I just might treat myself to a little interior styling fun tonight. Gosh, I realize how much I love sharing ideas here on the blog!!  I have missed you my friends!  Just please, no more "and then!"  We need to get back to our regularly scheduled programming of fashion, style, interiors and sewing around here!! That's the only 'And theeeen" I am looking for!!

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