Friday, October 25, 2013

Target fall faves for my (not) home

I have to admit that not having a home is really starting to get to me. I'm that gal that likes her stuff. A pretty little vignette sitting on the coffee table or the entry table makes me smile. I'm feeling utterly clostraphobic and bored with my current surroundings. Having never lived in temporary housing for such a long period of time, I didn't realize that I should have brought waaay more "stuff" than I did. We are renting all the large furniture items, brought a few small things and our bedding, towels, kitchen stuff but that's about it. I am DYING for my gallery wall, my little glass box of sequins sitting on the coffee table, A bookshelf full of of jewelry, Stacks of inspiring books all around. I never realized how much my surroundings effected my mood until now.

The house building process is moving along very nicely. Walls are being framed, windows are being framed. I kinda' love it. Once the roof is on I'm moving in! Until then I am stuck on polyvore (not that that's the worst place to be) dreaming up interiors and creating vignettes that would inspire me...if I had a coffee table to put them on. If you are in need of a quick fall spruce up around the house....believe me, it will lift your mood.... you can dash on over to target and pick up a few things. Here are my top Target picks...

Fall Home Faves from target

My absolute fave thing at Target (yes, really, probably in the WHOLE store...besides the mommy juice boxes) are MELT candles. I am the most picky candle person in the world. The girls get so annoyed with me because I won't let them have candles that I don't like the smell of...which is most candles...until we discovered MELT. A line of candles made specifically for Target by Nest Candle co. I die over these candles. Loving the new fall line...Spiced Pumpkin and Amaretto. My true fave is the French Tulip fragrance (and it's pink to boot!) but on a chilly, rainy, fall day nothing compares to the true smell of fall...Pumpkins and Amaretto, of course!

 Happy nesting!

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