Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reign of rain

Apparently it rains a lot here in Cincy....a lot. I'm ok with that, mostly because rain here means a pop up shower that last just an hour or two and then moves on. I'm good with a quick shower or fast moving thunderstorm. We had a storm two weeks ago that was SO loud and crazy, I was in complete awe. We walked into the grocery store with cloudy skies...but not black skies... and within the 20 minutes we were in there it just started throwing it down. So much so that a lot of people wouldn't leave the store, there were about 20 people just waiting in the lobby for it to slow down It didn't stop for a good 2 hours. Loudest thunder I have ever heard.We made Mr. Suit and Tie make a run for the car and then come pick us up under the overhang, the storm was so loud and crazy that it actually made us laugh! It was fantastic! Who knew weather could be so exciting? What's not exciting is that I don't own a rain coat! This SoCal gal is grossly ill prepared for this sort of weather!


I've been scouring the internets for some rain coat options...I don't love raincoats to be honest but i did find a few that I like. I love the army green Zara has leather sleeves and a fur lined hood...What's not to love about THAT?? A classic trench is always in style and this one has a hood so I find it a bit more intriguing and different. The Dooney and Bourke bag is on my at the top...I may even forgo a light fixture or two for it :) And those Union Jack Hunter boots....well, I'm a Brit....enough said!

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