Friday, September 27, 2013

Outfit options.

Fortunately for you ladies, I'm feeling particularly indecisive this morning.Since Tar-jay seems to have stepped their game up even further (did you know they could reach any higher?) and I'm loving some of their new fall pieces. I knew I wanted to feature a tip to toe Target look for today's post but there were so many great pieces that I just couldn't decide on which ones to style. Sooooo, today we're looking at two Friday Fancies....Casual Friday. Look one strikes a balance of playful and professional with a classic white oxford, fitted jacket and high tops!! Studded high tops!!

$tuds & $parkle

I actually bought these a few weeks ago..they were on sale. i was really really indecisive as to if I should buy them for myself...or just for my almost 13 year old. In the end we both got a pair. She'll be wearing them more playfully, I'll be wearing them ONLY with a very structured blazer to add maturity to the look. Are there really pieces that are age apropo for both 13 year olds AND people ehem, three times their age?? Jury is still out but I've got a backbone to give it a whirl!

Options two is all about pattern mixing. A jacquard pencil skirt, a checked sweater and leopard boots dressed down with a denim shirt.  Every single piece is from Target! Feel free to swing by on your way to work to grab a new outfit for today.... you know, if you are having a hard time deciding on what to wear to work.


Champers is in the mix. Always. It is Friday after all!

Linking up with Friday Fancies today. Swing on by there to check out loads of Work Wear options  Happy Stylish Friday!

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Great outfits. The addition of the champagne was a great touch. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by earlier.
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