Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mr. Suit and Tie

One of the perks of moving to Ohio is that Mr. Suit and Tie no longer has a MASSIVE commute. He has gone from 3 hours a day in the car round trip to work to um, 30 minutes...and he doesn't even need to get on the freeway! Once our house is done, he'll even be able to work from home from time to time. He has one room in the house designated as his's his office. All he has ask is "no pink, (he's VERY accepting of everything else I do in the house-- including his amethyst headboard!) something bold and comfortable..and masculine."  It's a challenge for me! I know we want a large desk in there so that we can both work in there if necessary so I have been looking for a smaller dining table. Desks tend to be rather narrow and a dining table just seems to make more sense space wise. The front of the room will be a large custom bay window and the ceilings are 10 feet so it will be able to handle a pretty sizable piece. I have a few options that I'm looking at, this concrete one is at the top of the list for now.
Home office

It's pretty cold so I'll need to be careful with colors, rugs and other textures in the room and I'm working around my SoCal thrift shop score...that gorgeous vintage leather chair with nail heads.

So far I'm loving this look...we'll see what Mr. Suit and Tie has to say about it...I have a few more options up my sleeve, including a glass one with gold legs ;) Perfectly masculine don't you think??

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