Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspired Interiors :: Pattern Play

With the amount of time I am spending on Houzz lately I am overflowing with interior inspiration so I figured it is time to share some of my favorites. The Toronto home of Tim Lam is pure joy! The pattern play in his living room is perfection, don't you agree?

The way he mixes styles and colors in his dining room grounds the space and yet keeps it playful and full of personality at the same that traditional bench tucked in under the console table.

I'm loving the huge floor mirror casually leaning against the dark wall, it is definitely something I'll be working into the decor of our new home. The rug is also TDF...and it's from IKEA! Although I just scoured their website and am not sure if it's still available. I'll have to check our local store and get back to ya'll on that. Doesn't the rug look amazing with the wallpaper...see it reflecting in the mirror? Makes my heart do a little dance.

 Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

More pattern mixing in the bedroom as well as richly stained furniture again... adding warmth and grounding the space. I

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Tim describes himself as a "design enthusiast, in love with design and decoration."  It's very apparent in his home. He changes things up often so make sure you swing by his blog to check out his adventures in design as well as what is inspiring him lately.

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Tim said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and your features! I had so much fun putting the place together and I am so glad that you like my pattern-mix fun!

Please do visit me sometime :)