Thursday, September 19, 2013

7 weeks from 13....teen decor

Not sure how this one happened but my sweet Liv is 7 weeks away from officially being a teenager! My challenge this week was to make a plan for her bedroom, a teen girl room! Avery's mood board is complete and was pretty easy, mostly due to the fact that she pretty much likes exactly what I like...THAT makes life so much easier. I like it when I get my {decorating} way! The challenge with Liv,  who has such social media names as "inlovewithonedirection" or "1Dismylove" is that, well, she has an opinion that is different than mine!! Whaaat?

I've had a very difficult time nailing down her docor thoughts to anything specific other than "modern, pink, white, grey and pops of blue...and an ombre wall." So last night I sat down to attack this beast as I really just want to get a move on with it.

Here was my thought process taking her requests into consideration...

What does she like to wear?
I think what we wear says so much about what we like and what we are comfortable in that it's important to look to our closets when thinking about decor. Liv is really all over the board on day she's in a cute skater dress and converse high tops, the next something boho or flirty and feminine and maybe the next day she's in jeans and a hoodie. Which is actually great because this means she is open to different styles.

What does she love now and how can I convert that to something that will last?
If it isn't something that can be converted (ie. her obsesh with 1D) how can I work it into the design in a manner that will be easy to switch out when she moves on to something else. She loves animals, One Direction (did I already mention that?!?) dance, Youtube, anything British, cats, owls, science, and feeling comfortable. Out of that list, I think at some point 1D will go, as will owls and cats. You'll see both of these in the design only in art and a pillow or two....things that are very easy and relatively inexpensive to switch out in a years time.

 Here's the plan...

She hasn't seen it yet but I think she is going to love it...especially that crazy round chair!! What do you think??  I know she needs some pieces that will be great for storage and I'll tackle that later... I must run because we are digging a giant hole in the ground today!! From here on out there's nothing but up for this dream home of ours! Wish us luck!

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Stephanie said...

I'm in the process of doing the same thing! Except my girls have to share. Try combining TWO developing styles! I love what you've come up with! Can't wait to see the whole house!