Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Queen of Tween

The two tweens in my world sort of run my world. They get more and more fun everyday and the older they get the more interested they become in fashion, DIY, shopping and focusing on how truly annoying I can be singing their fave songs aloud...very loud! And they love it when I dance...really love it. And they love it when I make the car dance at stop lights... Add in a little horn honking (y'all know i love my horn) and well, you can just call me the best mom ever!! lol. Poor kids. Let's focus on their love of tween and teen fashion. For the mini me, it's not something new. She has been in on sequins and leopard print since the day she was born (last year her teacher started calling her Zazzle Bedazzle because she wore something sparkly every day. By the end of the year she was writing Zazzle as her name on her school papers!) Her older sister, the tween fashionista was into jeans and Hollister hoodies for a few years and has now broken out of that shell! For this I am thankful....and quickly going broke! This year's back to school shopping needs to be very strategic and has already started with some end of season sale shopping.

Avery's picks

We all know that kids go back to school in summer clothes it's warm everywhere at the end of August. This week I have taken advantage of a few sales. J Crew is offering an additional 30% off of final sale items.....everything sparkly please! Justice has 40% off the entire store.....that little dog sweater can be paired with jeans, shorts, skirt, jeggings, everything! A&F Kids has 30% off if you buy three or more items. A blue and white plaid shirt as well as a denim polkadot button-down are staples. A little animal print bootie can certainly be worn to punch up those jean shorts and simple white tee and they are available in PiperLime's sale....I think about 70% off! Go get your sparkly shop on!

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