Monday, July 22, 2013

Interior Funday!

Happy Monday Gorgeous gals! How was your weekend? We spent the weekend pretty focused on houses. Saturday we spent some time trolling around neighborhoods looking at house exteriors for brick we's not so much fun.... Seriously.  Mr Suit and Tie has a real opinion about this one as brick is going to make up the majority of the exterior surfaces of our home. Problem being, we kind of like different things. Fortunately, I don't hate what he likes, it's just not on the top of my list. I'm ok with letting him have this one, especially because he is SO gracious with the interior finishes....and we all know those are what count in my world.

Sunday we headed to Homearama. Homearama is a annual home show in Cincinnati. Houses are built specifically for the show and are meant to showcase the best of what builders have. This year Homearama is being held at Carriage Hill...which is actually the neighborhood we are building in {although we are not building a homearama home!!} We spent a few hours perusing the homes yesterday and I was quite struck at how different design is in each part of the country. Cincinnati is very traditional the houses were beautifully built and had very detailed finishes but I honestly wasn't wowed by any of them! (maybe the dance floor in the basement of that one house did make my heart beat a little quicker, but that as about it!) I felt like even the wow factor moments were predictable... I think Homearama next year needs a little dash of Simone (Cincinnati on a whole might be in need as well!)
Sign me up for a fun, unpredictable bedroom.

interior mix

It does have some traditional lines on the furniture.....and look, I've even thrown in a silk drape!  Come on Cincy!!  Are you ready for me??

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still being [molly]

...did I tell you my Monday started when the girls came down stairs crying because one of the gerbils was missing from it's cage?? {I was down and out with food poisoning last weekend and Mr. Suit and Tie is a he caved to getting them gerbils.}  If THAT doesn't constitute FundayMonday I don't know what does!?! (don't worry, we found the little rat in the suitcase under her bed! ew.)

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Anonymous said...

lady S - looks like Traditional Home magazine might have to become your new BFF inplace of Elle Decor. I just want you to let you know that I got Yakima River rocks which are man made rocks to use a a border on retaining walls. as they are man made, they dont get mossy but the look is elegant incase you are getting anything faux. You have to go to a brick & mortar place to see the range.
Good luck - MOX