Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm aliiiive!!

I am! I really am! Moving was a bit much...more than a bit much really. Coordinating 28,000 lbs of stuff from one place to another...even when you don't have to pack's chaos. And leaving wasn't the easiest thing. SoCal is in my soul (I miss you LA!!)....It just is. So that explains my absence. I just really didn't have the time or the heart to blog. I'm sorry. I do hope you have been following along on Instagam. It really the easiest way to see what I have been up to. A few weeks of coordinating a move (and plenty of last minute time with friends) then up to my parents place for a week of r n' r, wine tasting and riding four wheelers. image Setting up our temp living condo was obviously also on the docent (and making room for a little birthday shoe haul in a closet where there is already very limited space. Yes, those are metallic heeled booties...found here at a significant discount!). I'm trying out a few project that are very rental-living based. I am hoping to share those in the near future.
image So what's happening now? I'm fully focused on settling the kids, making friends and building a house. Oh and of course exploring Cincy. Today was the Newport Aquarium for a little entertainment and  Tom + Chee for lunch. Seriously...this place might be the death of me. The champion of gourmet Tomato soup and grilled cheese sammies..and in every variety you can imagine.  You can either customize you sammie or pick from one of the brilliant combos on their menu that you would most likely not dream up on your own.
The star of the menu (at least in my eyes,) the Donut Grilled Cheese. That's right! Donuts+grilled cheese.... and they are "fancy," so of course I love them 100 times more!   The girls and I split one for dessert (because everyone should have dessert at lunch time)...strawberries and chocolate mascarpone cheese sandwiched between donut halves and grilled up to the most decadent indulgent thing you have even tasted,  I felt my butt grow 2 inches immediately and it was worth every single calorie ingested. (that little neon slice of art in my collage is done by NIcole Newstead. She has a daily painting project, powered by Instagram. You can find her on instagram  @dailypaintings or search Nicole Newsted or at

I have loads of appointments for appliance, brick, stone and the like booked for the next 10 days. I'm overflowing with things to share and am going to make time to blog...because I miss it, and I miss all of you!
Sorry for my little hiatus, things are officially returning to the "new normal" around here. Glad to be back!

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Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

I am just down the road from you in Lousivlle. I hope you will enjoy Cincinnati ! Eat some graters ice cream , go shop at Kenwood and then hit the Ballard Design outlet! If you're up for a road trip there is a Zappos OUTLET In Louisville. And yes, it's awesome. ( but in a less pretty part of town)

If you're ever down in Lousivlle I can give you a few fun places to explore. We're about 70 miles down 1-71 from Cincinnati.

There is also a store called Sewn Studio in Cincinnati that I'm dying to get to.

Been a long time reader. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Lady S - welcome back - new places to discover & new friends to make - enjoy it all.