Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Should, could, will...

As we start the nitty gritty of designing our dream house in Ohio there are so many options to think about. Mainly, where do you invest and where do you save....do you go with all the things you like or make some choice a that you should make...for re-sale and the mainstream that sort of thing. I'm hoping we fall in the middle with all of this....but deep down I know metallic gold fish scale tiles will be found in the house somewhere.

The kitchen is on my mind right now.... I LOVE marble, but everyone sort of scrunches their nose at it as basic. I'm thinking marble on the island and the backsplash and then granite on the rest.  Dream kitchen? Two tone, glass front cabinets with glass shelves inside!! Gasp!!

Do you D.I.E over this backsplash?

I go crazy over this waterfall edge island....unfortunately Mr. Suit and Tie doesn't like it....at all. boooooo!

What do you think my stylish bloggy friends...marble or not? Should I, could I, will I?

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Carly said...

I love that backsplash, it's STUNNING!


Paula Prass said...

I know your dilemma. I LOVE the marble and get the same reaction. Then I think of all the old hotels that still have the original floors and bathrooms. You'll have fun figuring it out.

Anonymous said...

Lady S - marble looks nice but after a while gets matte & does not look good - forget Marble. For the backsplash, look into glass tiles - very chic & I think you would be happier.
Happy creating - MOX