Monday, May 20, 2013

Hold the fort!!

Whyyyy didn't someone tell me we are moving??!!?? Like moving-moving!! It just hit me ya'll. The movers will be here in exactly four weeks!! Four weeks!! It has been so surreal because it has always seemed so far away...and now. Oh shit! It's here! We have two weekends packed with dance and then a raging party the following weekend then graduation for Olivia, then we are gone. That's all folks! I I have been up to my ears with finding a place to live for 6 months, figuring out how to furnish it, coordinating moving the dogs and kids and furniture and cars...and we even have a relo company helping us!! And here I thought I'd just pack up the car and move on out! It really hadn't hit me until last week how much work this really is!

Every time I open the junk drawer in the kitchen I see a mover just dumping all that crap into a box and sending it off to Ohio. It's just now hitting me that I have a lot of work to do here!! I made three lists this morning. They are long.... but they will get done. Hopefully I be able to stick around here quite frequently as well. Something else recently added to the list - stocking up on all the goodness that downtown Los Angeles has to offer! I had to run down there last week to pick up supplies for ballet costumes and I couldn't help but pick up some new jacquards and a few silks. Yessss, that is a snake print in there..and a little blue and black chevron. Gosh I will miss this place!!!


I know I'm not going to be able to get this stuff in Ohio (never mind the fact that I am not going to have any time to sew over the next six weeks!) Trips back to LA will be on the radar but no longer drivable. Trips to NY to explore a new fabric district will hopefully be frequent :)

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Anonymous said...

Lady S - if you need a guide for the fabric shops in NY - dont hesitate - I am just a holler away...we wont want you getting lost in the big bad city...