Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Easy breezy.

Can we talk for a second about what's rocking my world right now??? The blow dryer fell off the sink this morning and landed on my toe. Errrrrmergerd!! I KILLS. Even now. And I'm a sissy with things like this...especially toe stuff!! Should it still hurt this bad two hours later?? I mean, it seriously kills!! Trying to move on..... last week the weather was fabs and I was craving nothing but Maxi dresses. I love dresses because they are no brainers...throw them on and go! Easy breezy! I love the movement of this floral Zara number and adding a touch of something a little hard edged like this TopShop necklace adds a bit of unpredictability. Y'all know I love to mix it up!

floral maxi

I did order this dress and am looking wearing it next week when it warms back up around here.  I Could see it paired with this coral moto jacket too if it's still not warming up where you are. Pray that I wont be stuck in flip flops for the next three weeks due to a broken toe!!  

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Just Another Shopaholic said...

Gosh that dress is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

lady S - so make your life easy - dont use a blow dryer - go Natural - its Summer !!! well almost..