Friday, May 10, 2013

Colorful life.

Look what arrived in the mail this week!  The most colorful, fabulous, party-of-the-year wedding invite eva'!


 Isn't it GORGE?? I've know Bradley since I was 7. He's colorful, kind, , hilarious, philanthropic and one of the most "California" guys I know. I am sure Rosey is the same and I am positive their wedding is going to be AMAZE!! In Santa Cruz and of course with a beach party the following day... not sure I can miss this one! Hmmmm.... and what to wear to an event like this?? Oh! So glad you asked! It ties in perfectly with the Friday Fancies theme this week of Weekend Wear.
Weekend Wear

I'm still on my maxi dress kick and am loving the colorful detail on this dress and the fact that it can very easily work from day to night with a simple switch of accessories. I need those LAMB heels now. Really, like right now...only problem is my damn toe is still not happy :( Pointy toe anything is out for me for the next week or so. Maybe I should stick with the sandal option....booooo!

What to wear is covered so now what to give for this event? I like to steer clear of traditional "from the registry" wedding gifts and knowing how laid back these two are, I have the perfect idea. Mosaic books by Mixbook!


Have you guys heard of the Mosaic App?? Ladies!! It's a life changer!! 20 photos, 5 minutes, 20 bucks, one stunning photo book!! Mosaic  is a simple app you download onto your photo and it walks you through selecting 20 photos from your phones memory to make a book out of. It's unbelievably easy and the quality is top notch. Just click away and a hard bound book arrives at your doorstep. IN 4 DAYS!! Yes, 4 days!


I'm SO lazy when it comes to doing any sort of scrap booking and I'm a pretty impatient person so Mosaic  is a dream for me!!  I recently made one from our Key West trip and I absolutely LOVE it! Holla' for Mosaic by Mixbook!!


So my plan.....for this fabulous wedding fiesta... is to shoot away with my iphone, apply what ever filters I so desire and make Mosaic books for Brad and Rosie from their wedding. Best gift eva'??? I know!! I think so too!! You MUST download mosaic. It's beyond!! Linking up with Friday Fancies this week. Swing on over to Long Distance Loving  for loads of Weekend Wear outfit inspo!

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Anonymous said...

this is 1 cool wedding invite. You know you may want to get Jack Rogers high heel open toe sandals - they look the same as the flats but come in heels.
Njoy - MOX