Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer lovin'.

I'll be honest, I'm really a barefoot and maxi dress kinda' girl. I don't really love being cold, wearing socks, or even layering more than two articles of clothing...I know....I'm in for a rude awakening next winter!! Until then I will live in my state of blissful denial. I know I'll make it through with a few tropical vacations sprinkled in here and there and here and there...you know I'm a more is more type of gal ;) Prints, patterns, shoes, handbags, vacations...bring it on! Since the weather has been really warm here I'm in a summer entertaining state of mind and have been working on a few custom tablecloth orders. {{Have you seen my custom patchwork tablecloths in the shop? Total statement makers!}} Anyway, I've been having a blast working with new fabrics and patterns and wanted to share an incredible combo with all of you. I know it's a lot...but again...more is more! Can't you just see all these fabrics fashioned in to a gorgeous tablecloth with some black metal tassels dripping from the corners?? Loves!

Summer entertaining

Pair with a breezy dip dyed maxi dress, some bold modern plates, a heavy dose of sunshine and and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. That's where my thoughts are today. What are you dreaming of?

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Anonymous said...

Lady S - totally agree on the tablecloths...save money that way as all the tableware has to be white to offset the cloths & white ceramic much cheaper than ones with designs...!!! enjoy...

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