Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pink on Pinterest

I've started a new Pin board.....called New House. I still cannot believe we are currently living in someone else's house!! We have yet to find a home in Ohio but have a long list of places to look at. It's been such an emotionally up and down few months for me because I get crazy attached to houses. I swear this house is like my third child!! Now that the sale is completely behind us, I need to shift my focus forward and thought that a new inspiration board would do the trick.

I'm wondering if Mr. Suit and Tie will mind that there are so many images of pink couches in my list of recent pins?? A pink couch brightens absolutely every single day :)  I love how both of these spaces have something very masculine to ground the pink....the ceiling in the image above and wall color and floor in the image below.

Hopefully I can get away with it if I strike when the iron is know after some sort of epic moving meltdown! lol. Timing is everything!

You can see all of my most recent pins here.  Loads of house inspiration!!  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Lady S - Pink is a very stylish color but timeless not faddish so you have nothing to lose. You'll know when you see the perfect house - it will all jive - no worries...

Genevieve Gail said...

Good luck with the move! ...and yes, you're right, timing is everything and it's kinda how I got my pink wallpaper done ;)

Anonymous said...

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