Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An informal bouquet

Instead of re-hashing all the've been having over the last two weeks, I'm just going to move on like none of it happened! It was all a blur so that should be pretty easy! lol. This week I have proclaimed myself a "woman of leisure" I'm not going to do much other than relax. The hubs says it is impossible for me to sit still and almost fell over when he saw me sitting doing a puzzle with Avery on Sunday afternoon. I think I am doing well so far! I was so unproductive on Monday that I'm not exactly sure what I did. I do remember sitting in bed seeking retail therapy sometime around 5:30 pm...when I should have been making a healthy dinner for the kids. Yesterday I got a facial and then shopped a pre-sale at Macys. I'm seriously excited to show you all what I got!! It's floral madness!! Last night I tried to find it all online to make a nice little polyvore for you but couldn't find hardly any of I just made a different polyvore for you!

N°21 plaid pencil skirt / Kaliko patterned skirt, $97 / Prabal Gurung strappy shoes / Prabal Gurung ankle wrap shoes / Prada patent handbag / Rebecca Minkoff woven handbag

I'm obsessed with floral prints right now...well, actually I'm always obsessed with floral prints! And since I am in the mode of relaxation I threw in a dose of casual comfy boyfriend t-shirt into the mix. I'm loving a dash of menswear in the femme mix of florals. How about you? Obsessed with these shirts as well. I all of a sudden feel the urge to buy anything that says LA or CA on it!! Although being a Brit, London always has a place in my heart. Which shirt would you buy? You can find the all at Pilot and Captain here.

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