Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saw It. Pinned it. Did it....... jewelry organization

I'm obsessed with ...and I LOVE vintage pieces. It's a problem! Well, I dont really think it is but others may think I have a bit of hoarder in me after seeing the train wreck my jewelry was!


For months I searched Pinterest looking for different jewelry storage ideas and finally came across this little gem. A simple $70 Ikea cabinet spray painted gold. So quick and easy!

I originally bought the smaller shelving unit like this one. Once it was painted I hauled it upstairs and started loading it up but realized it was waaaay too small. So I went back out to Ikea and got the double one and repeated the process. It's perfection! I love it! It has just enough room for everything!!


I was also able to use the smaller one in another spot in our bedroom. I love them both.


Saw it. pinned it. Did it!!  Linking up with Katie and Stephanie today!
Happy Thursday.

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Just Another Shopaholic said...

That looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Very chic. Can you let us know what brand spray paint you used & what color as the gold actually looks gold & not a weird shade.