Friday, February 15, 2013

Obsessed with Orinthology

Happy Friday my lovelies! I know I usually do an outfit post on Fridays but wanted to share with you all an outfit for your home! Decorating is just like dressing....start with one piece and add from there. Let's start with these drapes that I am OBSESSED with!
Vintage modern

The colors are incredible and the print is perfect....birds and flowers?? Yes please! Since the feel of them is so vintage and floral I thought they would be perfect paired with a few modern geometrics. Would you use these in your home? I am DYING to buy them but I don't have a use for them here. I know I would find a spot in our new house....if we had a new house yet! lol. I am really feeling the pull to start looking for a place in Cincy. We are going through all the "fun" of inspections here and I need something to look forward to but due to the fact that we are not actually moving until June I feel like it's still a little early to start looking. Kind of in limbo on the home front - so shall be the case for the next few months I guess!

 Happy Stylish Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Lady S - welcome back to blog world. We missed your style... Cant hurt to start e-decorating now so when you get the new home, you'll already have done the deco legwork -