Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The process of selling this house is going to be the end of me I tell you!! I won't go into details now because this is a public blog and some of us are smarter than giving away our bargaining power because we have a big mounth! Others #notsomuch #buyers. In needing something to cheer me up or at least distract me a bit today I have turned to Pinterest. Images and outfits certainly change my mood - and they are a much better idea than martinis at ten in the morning! Can we please start with this??


Gahhhh!! LOVE! That skirt is EVERYTHING!!  {And the wallpaper.....oh. my!!}  I am a full on sucker for a good floral print and have always wanted to make myself a skirt that is a bit over the top like this.  If I can score a designers guild floral print on ebay for a good deal I just might have to make one! A little bit of sewing will for sure get me through this crazy process!

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