Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dude, Where's my car???

The last few weeks of life have been busy to say the least... but last week, last week was comical (at least it's funny now. It wasn't at the time!)  I felt like I was living the crazy "Annd then...."Chinese food drive through scene from "Dude, Where's my car?"

I spent a crazy two weeks getting the house ready to go on the market.....this place was about as spiffed up as it could get. All tables set, everything staged...everything. And theeeennnn....the house goes on the market and it's Grand Central station with showings, which was great of course but totally chaotic. And theeeen....Superbowl Sunday hits and Brian and Olivia both come down  with the flu-- and not the 24 hour stomach flu..the 5 day cough, chills, fever flu.  And theeeeen......Avery gets the flu on Tuesday night. At this point, we were still showing the house and any time we had to leave I would load the kids into the back of the car, the seats were down and the girls had pillows and blankets and ipods in the back. I felt like we were living in the car! And theeeeeen (yes, yes there is more!!!) Wednesday night I GET THE FLU!! And it's pretty much all down hill from there. Culminating in me crying in the pantry on Friday - "No more and then!! No more and then!!"  I seriously thought I was going to lose.my.mind. I don't do sick very well-- I'm a great nurse-- but when I am sick myself....It's not pretty.... I cry. Thank goodness no one wanted to see the house on Friday. They might have gotten more than they bargained for!

The good news is, we are all on the mend and we opened escrow today!! Yay! But please, please please.... No more and then!!  Totes felt like I was living "Dude Where's my car!" It is funny now..... Then, notsomuch.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take a bunch of pics of the house...because it's a lot of work to keep this up. I can't imagine I'll be sweeping and vacuuming and dusting and cleaning showers and windows everyday for much longer (and since we are in contract now, I won't be doing so much cleaning...hate cleaning!)  so I'll share some fun decor pics over the next few days-- while things are still nice and clean and fancy!  I'm def due for a day of taking photos and blogging. Oh and I'm obsessed with some drapes I found while on my hunt for new decor - didn't buy them because I really don't need them in this house. I'm sure I will need them in the new house though...what ever that new house might be!  I've been dying to polyvore them and think I just might treat myself to a little interior styling fun tonight. Gosh, I realize how much I love sharing ideas here on the blog!!  I have missed you my friends!  Just please, no more "and then!"  We need to get back to our regularly scheduled programming of fashion, style, interiors and sewing around here!! That's the only 'And theeeen" I am looking for!!

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