Thursday, February 21, 2013

Digital influence

It's the digital age ya'll. I know it's no surprise to most of you but as I watch our girls immerse themselves in it I can't help but think how differently they are growing up compared to us! Good, bad or indifferent it's here to stay. Liv has taken to spending a lot of time in her room on her computer. Face time with friends, downloading music and watching youtube videos are often on the top of the list...when she's not doing homework or at school or dance. I always monitor what she is watching and was pleasantly surprised a days ago to find her new fave youtube channel {didn't even know there were channels on u-tube!!} was this gal... macbarbie07 adorable Southern CA gal who loves DIY, clothes and make up. She adorable....and she's going to be a big help in expanding Liv's closet and her style and taste!! {Sneaky mom smirk here!}

You know I love me some clothes..and shoes...and jewelry...and fabrics. Well, my Olivia loves herself a Hollister hoodie and Vans during the cooler months here in SoCal. I let her wear what she wants and we go shopping together so she pretty much picks out her clothes or at least nix's the things I pick that she knows she won't wear. Every morning I suggest a really cute outfit (she has the stuff in her closet) and she usually says she wants to wear a hoodie and jeans...and her Vans. So I shrink on out of her room hoping one day she'll want to not only buy but wear that ombre heart print denim shirt I try to talk her into

And today!!! Today!!! She actually wore cute leggings and a denim shirt..(but there's no proof because that one knows I love blogging and Instagram too!)  She also said she wanted to get that ombre hearts shirt next time we are at Target because macbarbie07 has it and she thought it looked super cute on her! THANK YOU macbarbie07!! You are my hero! You guys should check out her youtube channel if you have girls. It's really adorable and she does some really fun DIY's that are tailored to tween girls. I'm loving all the outfits she put together here (minus the heels for Liv of course) Here's hoping I'll be shopping for little lace moto jackets and floral skirts for Liv in the near future! Cheers to digital influence!

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Anonymous said...

Lady S - Between You & Me - Macbarbie07 is all marketing towards tweens & paid to wear those outfits for sales. In real life, she could well be wearing hoodies & jeans...but as I said - thats between you & me. As long as those stores sell that product, then the marketing geniuses did their thing!!!The girls ofcourse need not know all that...