Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday madness

Happy Wednesday! It's mid week and I am feeling the crunch-- not those crunches....haven't been to the gym in for eva'!! Kinda' makes me feel like crap about myself but I'll go back.....once this house gets on the market! I've been a busy bee working on our bedroom..thoroughly convinced that that room alone could sell this house...which is actually not the case, but what evs! I have spent the last few days making a fabric covered headboard and matching bed skirt which I am sure the realtor would agree is totes necessary in the process of getting our house ready! ( details on the headboard tomorrow along with a link to a tutorial and some changes I made) Never mind the chips in the stair risers that I am supposed to be fixing. If you give them pretty decor to look at they wont even notice the little flaws right? Glad you agree.


Hubs did finally realize that he is going to be subjected to a purple bed-- I tried to pass it off as a greyish amethyst but he didn't buy it! He reverts to his one of two options when it comes to decor "I love it" or "i'll warm up to it" I am adding a super manly strip to the mix.... hopefully he'll warm up to it! I can't wait to share the finished product with you. And quite honestly, I can't wait for it to be finished. Reinforcements are flying in today. My mom is coming to help..she is soooo super motivated all the time and ready to conquer any task so I know she'll be a big help.  Today I am working on slipcovering the couch in our bedroom...a nice blue tone on tone modern matelasse. It may or may not be piped with something fabulous. Hopefully hubs won't mind that either. Love you babe!


Since it is Random Wednesday and I am linking up with the fabulous Shanna, I feel I owe you a few random happenings

My face hurts. My brother would get a huge kick out of would the guy who has to sleep in the purple bed :) I had microderm for the first time yesterday and my face looks and feels like I sat in the sun all day! Olivia told me I should plan on not going out of the house and requested that I stay far away from school! lol. I'll take that into consideration.

On the style front...because, come on, the world does not stop shopping when there are time sensitive matters to deal with... I am obsessed with his jacket.

Source: via Simone on Pinterest

You can find it here...on serious sale! If you have checked the current Los Angeles vs. Cincinnati weather, you know that I will be needing this. Had an epiphany last night-- I will need totally separate clothes for summer and winter now! for thought. I think I'll have to start a winter style pinboard.

Happy hump day lovelies!

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Mia Maree said...

You have one great husband! I wish my husband would choose one of those two responses. Instead, he likes the "no, we need to compromise." yuck. I can't wait to see the finished product!


smk053078 said...

Girl you are on fire!!! I wish you lived closer to me!! I would hire you to do all kinds of stuff at my house!! Can't wait to see the tutorial. I want that headboard and I haven't even seen the whole thing yet!!

Anonymous said...

Lady S - headboard looks fab - tell the Mr thats its actually an Iridescent color - kinda changes with the light type of the leopard trim what I think it is...eesh you the whiz...Those homebuyers might want furniture with the house, so dont be surprised.

CassieInTheRain said...

Awesome headboard! :)

Stephanie said...

Simone, I have not had a chance to check in on many blogs lately and for some reason I jumped over here today to see what you've been doing and I find out you are moving to Cincinnati! I have been an admirer of yours for a long time through Jennifer P. and Sis Boom! I am from TabboDesign and I live in Cinci. I know it sounds strange, but PLEASE let me know if I can help you in any way. I moved here from TX so I can relate to your culture shock! I also have girls who are close to your girls ages. Do you know which part of town you will be moving to? My husband is a physician and owns an Urgent Care on the Northeast part of town and we live in the Southeast area. You'll have to let me know what your plans are! Email me at if there is anything I can do to help!