Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ohhhhh- hi-o!

Annnnd here I am! Hi. Hi there! Yes, it has been along time! A reeeeally long time. I often struggle with this little blog here. Struggle with my commitment to it because it's sort of my little happy place of fun and indulgence. I blog because I like to and when it seems to be too much work or when I feel like I don't have enough time to do a proper, worthy, inspiring post then I just simply let it slide by. Which sort of sucks, don't you think? I'm sorry.

Let me explain what's been going on around here...We spent a week in the mountains and I brought my laptop with me. I had high hopes and big dreams of holing up in front of the fire and writing so much that I would arrive home prepared with a backlog of posts just waiting to be launched. #notsomuch Our mountain vacation was amazing! It was relaxing and very family focused. We spent everyday out in the snow, either tubing or skiing. We would return to the cabin happily exhausted and settle in for a movie and bed. My laptop hardly made it out of my bag. I knew that the weeks ahead were going to be action packed to say the least so I chose to have a little down time with the kids instead of blogging. I'm ok with that....because I knew what was on the schedule when we returned. A full day of appointments interviewing realtors on Saturday, the kids going back to school on Monday and Brian and I flying out to Ohio on Wednesday. So here we are on Sunday, 10 days later and it seems like forever has been hired and making lists of what needs to be done to get our house on the market.  We are moving to Cincinnati!!

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I have lots to say about this topic but I won't launch into an even more long winded post (not that this isn't already!)  It's been an insightful process so far. This is completely a choice for us. Brian was sought out for a promotion within his company.  He has a great job here, and we could stay here, in sunny, delicious SoCal... but when push came to shove, adventure and progression is what we chose. I was born in England, moved to the US when I was 5, lived in Texas, Northern California and New York before heading to college and meeting Brian. Together we moved from college in NY to California then Chicago then Kansas City then back to Northern California and finally to Southern California (where I honestly thought we would stay forever!) and now Ohio! Clearly it is in my blood! I'm a wanderer. This will be it for us until both of the girls are off to college (which seems like a looooong time away but it's actually the same amount of time we have been in SoCal! 8 years. ) And then...well...who knows? I have never felt more emotionally attached to a city than when we were in Paris.   I always say SoCal is in my soul... but Paris....Paris is Paris. So maybe Europe?? Or maybe we'll stay in Ohio forever!

So where does this leave my lovely little blog and my shop?? In the shuffle of all of this.... I am hoping to keep it together! But I clearly can't make any promises. I have a laundry list of home projects to do in two weeks and will take pics along the way. I hope to share them here but if they don't make it, you can tune in for quick, easy updates on Instagram. I'm also itching to make things for the shop but that obvi has to be completely on the back burner for now.   I hope you lovelies will stick around and pop on in from time to time.  I'm sure there will be some comic relief along the way that will be more than worthy or chatting about.

Now I'm off to make a bed skirt....since that's what normal people do when they wake up at 5am on the weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Lady S - OMG i was going to send you an email to see if all of you were OK. Congrats on the move - OH is a wonderful although I have only been to columbus. You'll miss the CA beach I have to say but maybe you'll get a waterfront least now youre closer to paris & London & dont have to fly across the Nation...

Marnie said...

WOW, big move and so exciting! What a great place too. Two of my first cousin's and their families live there,in Loveland. Do you know where you are living yet? They have both been there for a very long time and love it. They are Facebook friends of mine so feel free to stalk them, ha ha. (Janice Heuschneider Przezdziecki or Kathryn Heuschneider Cotsonas). They are a great starting point for friends! Very social and beautiful women!! Good luck on your move and maybe finally we can meet up, as I will be driving through there this summer on my way to my brother's family. Good luck getting everything done, listed, etc. It is a lot of work and a very exciting time!!

Mande said...

Oops! Looks like my 1st comment disappeared. Simone!! Moving to Ohio!! Congratulations to Brian on the promotion, and to all of you on your new venture. I am so excited for you, and not too far away from you now. YAY!! Hoping we will be able to meet up once you are settled in. Good luck with all the preparations and the move. Keep me posted!