Monday, January 7, 2013

In the bedroom...

It's not that kind of post!! Get your mind out of the gutter! Does January send you into "spruce it up" mode? I always find myself in the mood to redecorate after taking down Christmas decorations...the house feels like such a blank slate! Our master bedroom has never really gotten much attention, we are fortunate a very large space that has a raised area where our "bedroom" is and another area that functions as a living room for us. I dislike it in! Every single one! A makeover IS for sure in store! Inspiration? Thank you house beautiful!

The only item from our bedroom that will stay is this coral rug that I absolutely LOVE!

And I am completely obsessed with the lilac headboard!! The grey, blue, coral, all of it is fabulous!! And last time I was at my fave fabric store they just happened to have the most perfect lilac slub linen.


It will be made into a fabric covered headboard...can hardly wait! Don't tell Brian though...he has no idea the bed is going purple! Maybe I can convince him it's really grey? Or maybe he'll be too distracted by the manly blue and brown stripe to even notice the lilac??  Yeah, yes, that will work!

Do you have any decorating projects that you are just dying to get to this year??

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Anonymous said...

lady S, I think the color choice is chic - I always see Amethyst used in Kelly Wearstler Interiors & its very stylish. Any issues from the Mister, you could convince him that he's color blind & its really Grey & nothing else. There again with soime dim lighting, he might well think its grey or a shade of blue...Happy decorating.