Thursday, January 3, 2013

All that Glitters : saw it. pinned it. did it.

Happy Thursday ladies! It's day 3 of the New year and i am feeling so revitalized and motivated (and a little spastic due to the three espressos I've had this morning already. Gosh I LURVE our new Nespresso machine!!) I have mentioned before that Christmas cards are my guilty indulgence every year. Professional photos are required as is some sort of quote that runs the theme of the shoot and feel of the cards. This year it all started with this pin

and this quote....of course also found on Pinterest.

I SWEAR I don't know what we all did before Pinterest!! Inspired by those pins, and every.single. shot I could find the resulting card is my favorite yet!!


 What do you think?? Thanks, Pinterest!! You inspire me daily!


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Jill said...

Your Christmas card is WAY more glamorous than ours! Pretty, I like it! :)

sweeter than cupcakes said...

Bet you made every recipient smile! Luv!

Suz L said...

OMG! so adorable! Love it!

smk053078 said...

OMG!!!! It's is even more perfect than I thought!!! You are one of the most creative women I know!!! Man, I wish we lived closer....come to Texas???

Anonymous said...

Happy 2013 Lady S - what an awesome card - beyond awesome. This should be framed & hung - great work.