Friday, November 30, 2012

Me. In clothing form

This weeks Friday's fancies link up is a "dress Yourself" theme. Th object was to capture me in an outfit. It got me thinking about what my style really is and how I would define it. My light bulb moment came this week when I was texting the big B about cars. We have started researching a new car for me{and by new I mean new to me.} I was in the shop getting my brake light bulb changed and started asking my guy in there what he thought wold be a good car....he sees the bad ones all the time, right?? I texted B one of his recommendations and the conversation went something like this::
Me: Moe says we should look at the Infinity QX56. Very reliable.
B: You don't like the Nissan Armada.....
Me: Put a sparkly pair of shoes on it and a faux fur coat and I do....oh wait, that's an Infinity!
Me: I'm a fancy girl.....

Woolrich long sleeve shirt / Fake fur coat / Current/Elliott low rise jeans, $310 / Nine West mid heels / Forever 21 bracelets bangle

The QX56 is apparently the Nissan Armada, just fancier. Practical and fancy. Perfect! What came out of it is this ..... I am a fancy girl with a practical side.....just not practical enough to Drive an Armada ;)
Linking up with Friday's Fancies.  Stop on over there. I'm looking forward to see how some of my fave bloggers have translated themselves into clothes.

Happy Stylish {Fancy} Friday

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inspiration Station - pinterest

We all love Pinterest don't we? I seriously have no idea how we gathered and shared ideas before we have access to this treasure trove of creative and inspiring things to do and/or just to look at. This week I was struck by this space.

 I adore/need/must have a Moroccan wedding blanket for our bedroom...that's where this pin originally struck me. But after a closer look I also loved the pink geometric what look to be paper ornaments under that glass dome on the bedside table. And so started my pinterest search for paper ornaments DIY. Which lead me to these.....
Source: via Simone on Pinterest

 delish little polish paper stars....which of course led me to this...

 a tutorial on how to make them! Thank you Pinterest!! I have this project lined up with the girls for this weekend. Paper and glitter await! And thanks to Shanna and her Pinterest project and a new link up she found, I'll be linking it up next week to show the proof is in the pudding! Next week, I'll show you the results. Promise!  For today, head on over to the Beautiful Mess Saw it. Pinned it. Did it link up to check out which pinned projects have actually been put to the test by other lovely ladies.
Happy Inspired Thursday.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Wednesday - shoes, a shoot, art and coffee

A bunch of randomness for your Wednesday--

 1.I go crazy over our holiday cards every year. It started a few years ago when we did a family photo shoot with one of my all time fave photographers and the madness just never stopped from there. I will warn you, once you send out one card with professional photos, there is no turning back, so be cautious. Last year I got a little artys and interesting and added one of my all time fave quotes to the back of our card and now I feel like I have to go one above that...or at least stay on par. This year will be no different. I'm still searching for the perfect quote but the photos are finished and I can't wait to share the with you. Warning-- I'll most likely wait until I send out Christmas cards as I like them to be a surprise! Here's one little teeny sneak.... 
It did involve sequins!


I was jumping for joy at the shoot-- in my polka dot calf hair shoes. My SIL took the pics and I styled everything, gosh that would be my dream job! Just show up and make things pretty then leave all the technical stuff to someone else! Yes please!! How do I find employment doing that?? If you are looking for some great websites to order cards from, I love as well as and also Paper Source.  Tiny prints and Minted both offer a really gorgeous pearlized paper that I absolutely love!

2. I stopped into Erin's blog today and loved her idea of a Holiday Bucket List so thought I would make one of my own.
Holiday bucket list

3. I bought this beauty on Cyber Monday and can hardly wait for it to arrive.
What's holiday shopping if you don't have a "one for you, one for me" type of attitude, right??  I"m not sure if it will make it under the tree. We had one of these in our hotel room in Key West and it makes the most delish espresso in the world. Such a treat!

4.  If you are looking to add something a little more masculine to your decor, you can do it for just a few bucks. I found our family crests online and using a pencil traced them onto good quality paper, I then went over the pencil lines with a sharpie. I found two rose gold frames and the dollar store (score!!) cut the paper down to size and these will be adding a scosh of manly to our gallery wall.

Rose gold frames #dollartree #loot

Aaand that about wraps up this bunch of randomness! Christmas cards, sequins, bucket list, espresso maker and a quick art project. All good stuff!

Happy Random Wednesday! Linking up with the always gorgeous Shanna and The Pleated Poppy.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back on the bus

I had the realization today that when things get emotionally in my life, I tend to retreat. I'm a cancer.... it's in the shell, right? This includes retreating from the blog. I've sat down to post over the last week or so but obviously haven't made it happen all too often. I'm sorry. So I proclaim that today I am back on the party bus! I just can't stay away forever! The holiday season is here. Although I have yet to pull out our Christmas things I have been dreaming up new decor ideas. Avery and I were doing a little shopping a few weeks ago and I found tinsel in the most fabulous colors....a gorgeous coppery brown and an almost rose gold silver color. I couldn't I bought it all. And at $2 each, it only set me back about $20. I can hardly wait to put it into action!

I'm thinking a wreath for the front door and swags for our spiral staircase. I usually swag lit garlands from our handrail and am really looking forward to mixing it up this year. Honestly, I am tinsel obsessed right now and as I said in a previous post, I'm even contemplating a tinsel tree this year. I told my dad that I was thinking maybe a tinsel tree and he just about disowned me...he said "Have I taught you nothing in life??" lol. We never have we had an artificial tree!! Ever! And that guy is a Christmas lover just like me. He is also a fan of the real tree! He was horrified. It was funny. (to me obvi!)  Part of me reeeeallly wants to just buy one now, the other half of me says just go real again and hit the major sales the day after Christmas. I just don't know if I can wait! I can wait for the perfect pair of shoes to go on sale so hopefully I can hold our for the perfect tree as well. Or maybe I can just find a good one on sale right now. Ahhhh dreaming of a coppery tree with some modern white ornies! Dear Santa.....

I'm looking forward to Christmas, to decorating, and to spending quality time at home.  What are looking most forward to this holiday season?

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tinsel tree!

We have a house full of family and our internet has been down....down like "you need to drop everything and run across town for a new modem" down. Good times over here! I realize I CANNOT deal without internet service. Normally if the kids were in school and we didn't have house guests I would have just snuck out to SBUX to do a quick post but alas, It's the holiday season! And sometimes you just have to slow down and spend time with family. Don't regret that!

Have you done any holiday shopping yet? How about decorating?? I'm contemplating a faux tree this year...a white one. You know you've been married for a long time and married the right guy when you say "I'm thinking a white tinsel tree this year" And he doesn't even flinch! Thankful for THAT guy!! Tis' the season!!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Tis the season

Playing catch up here! So sorry for my absence. I think the best way to catch you up on which rock I have been hiding under is to share with you some of my instagram feed.
1 D
A One Direction birthday party, homemade One Direction cake, shirts, party chandy and 15 girls who were more than enjoyable! Had a great time!!!

 Yesterday I spent a little time on myself. Got my nails did.. don't know why I love saying that, but I do!!  lol. Sporting a red lip too!! The Elf pencil from this post. I couldn't find the Elf gloss so bought a Rimmel gold gloss that was just across the isle.

Running errands in black, white and red!! #elfcosmetics @gapstyle @targetstyle

How do you think I am doing on my make-up project. Def need a few lip lining pencils.....put those on the list :) Any advice on those?? Is there one you can use for every color? A universal lip liner??

 Family is in town today and really looking forward to a delish Thanksgiving dinner.  Tomorrow I"ll be blogging about a new love-- it's handmade and statement making, so be sure to check in!

How was your weekend? Do you feel like the end of the year is always such a crunch??  As much as I don't love that, I really am sort of liking the fact that Christmas is here. Contemplating a white tinsel tree.....discuss amongst yourselves.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stop the Insanity - Shopping Deals

I don't post on the weekends very often but I've found a few deals that are just too good to pass up and I of course wanted to share them with you. If you follow my "My Style" pinterest board you know I am a HUGE fan of It's no secret that I love a good deal and is always full of them. Great product, insane amounts of it and deals that are more than blog worthy!! My favorites for the weekend... A gold Ralph Lauren cross body found here . It's currently 55% off! Thankyouverymuch.
Another incredible deal....68% off of these red Kate Spade boots.

And they come in black and nude as well and are on sale for $149, originally $475.  I know!!! Too good to pass up and perfect for the holidays!  And since we are on the Kate Spade train....these beauties are a closet staple.

Timeless and seriously on sale! $99 ladies!!
Last but not least, the quintessential Christmas gift...this Marc by Marc Jacobs infinity scarf. It's $49.99...that's 72% off and priced perfectly for a gift!!  I would love to open this up on Christmas morning, wouldn't you??
Hurry on over to to snatch up some of these great deals, they all run for a limited time so don't diddle dally or you'll be running around in something less stylish and higher priced!  Happy Shopping!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Casual and Sparkly - champagne inspired fashion

This weeks Friday's Fancies theme is Favorite Fall Treat. For me, fall and winter mean lots of indoor entertaining, cozy with a side of sparkle and bubbles. My favorite fall treat is Champagne! I mean, I know it's fantastic year round but it I seem to enjoy it most in the fall and's casual yet sparkly, which seems to be the theme for this season in our home.

Inspired by the bubbly

A cozy chic sweater, jeans, polished boots and of course a clutch from here is what I"ll be sporting next Thursday and through out the next few months as we are living life, enjoying each other and entertaining friends and family--  Champagne in hand!  There are endless ways to serve Champagne and I love the idea of setting up a champagne bar where guests can mix as they choose. Champagne plays well with just about everything!   My favorite is a toasted almond....give it a whirl here, you'll love it!

What are your favorite fall treats?
Linking up with Friday's fancies. Happy Stylish Friday!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving tidbits - a recipe and tablescape

Thanksgiving dinner is one week away! Yay! Do you have favorite recipes that you make each year? Our menu is almost always the same and includes two turkeys, one roasted, one fried, as well as a slue of sides the star being the best brussel sprouts know to man! Seriously. You will become addicted to brussel sprouts and the total star of Thanksgiving dinner if you use this recipe  with one adjustment, saute the brussel sprouts so that they actually brown. Put them in the pan and with the bacon grease (I actually drain most of the bacon grease, just leave the bottom of the pan coated) and let them saute like you would onions.....don't stir them until they start to brown, then flip the over to brown the other side. Then continue on with the recipe. I would also suggest not adding all the chicken broth at one time, add it as needed. Best brussel sprouts eva'....promise!  I have been busy making lists for the menu as well as picking up a few items for the table. I found some new modern shaped wine glasses at Marshall's excited as I have been wanting new wine glasses for years but have not had the heart to spring for the Kate Spade ones I am in love with. At $30 for 12, I'll take these as a close second! You'll have to wait until I share my tablescape to see them. You know the tablescape is just as important as the meal in my book. I LOVE to set the table for any occasion and really love entertaining.  I spend quite a bit of time looking for inspiration on pinterest and thought I might share one of my faves with you.

Isn't this AMAZE? Gold- check. Black- Check. Leopard-check. Geometrics-check. Lush flowers gahhhhh. I go crazy over this! Let's not talk about that gold flatware, please!!! I really, really, REALLY want this flatware. But is $29.00 for a one place setting....there are 10 adults coming for dinner, 6 can do the math on that and see that there is no way those are happening. BUT-- I have done a little research on painting flatware, so stay tuned!! There might just be a little fun project hitting this here know, after I slipcover the couch, create a little art for my gallery wall and host a One Direction themed birthday party for 17! Next week's outfit posts are sure to feature nothing but sweats or their not so distant relative, leggings and slouchy sweaters!  Until Thursday, at which time I will dress up! Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I couldn't be happier!

If you need some inspo for your table check out my  fashion inspired tablescapes, here and here.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Wednesday - shoes, decor and hoarding

Do you love a well made shoe as much as I do? boots are the one thing I can't seem to go faux with-- well, and handbags too, I guess. I need good leather when it comes to boots and love a well made heel as well so I often find myself drawn to Nine West. I also love a good sale...a really good sale. I took a little time to shop their current sale and thought I would share with you my top three

Creme de la Creme

Both of the boots are fabulous, don't you think? I know they are still a little spendy  so go ahead and get those heels now and wait for an additional discount to be available for the boots. {I'm such a sale stalker!!} Then natch them up and know they are an investment piece. Good leather boots last for ever and get better with age! I have a pair of Nine West riding boots I bought three years ago, they walked miles and miles in Paris and are my constant go to. I think this year I might need to take them to the shoe repair to have them touched up here and there but I have no plans of getting rid of them just yet. Unless of course I find a new pair on super sale!

Can we also talk about a few random things around the house?? We have family coming in early next week and I have a laundry list of things to get done before them, you know, like slip covering a couch and finally getting my gallery wall up. Lots of DIY art is on the horizon as are long days and evenings. I'm dying over that cockatoo photo....I need something similar to this on my wall.

OK, I gotta go...the cleaning gal is going to be here soon and I need to clean this place up before she gets here. Yep, it's that bad. My little hoarders cleaned their rooms and cleaned out their closets on Monday afternoon. Then one of them came down with a tummy bug before I could get all their piles put away. It looks like a bomb hit up there!! Annnd she just walked through the door so my cover is totally blown.

Happy Wednesday. Linking up with the gorgeous Shanna. Go check out her outfit today and a few other fun random things about her -- and a bunch of other lovely ladies too.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lips for less

I can design, decorate and put together a mean outfit but when it comes to make-up....I.AM.LOST. Any time we have a function that requires something a little fancy, you'll find me in the chair at Sephora.  While I love having my make-up done, I also love buying clothes and shopping at Sephora can get a bit spendy. So I have decided to change this. I mean, how hard can it really be?? DIY is in, and make-up certainly falls in the realm of being DIY-able.  I have been scouring pinterest and blogs for inspiration, colors I love and tutorials and have found some rather helpful sights. I have decided to start with lips. Through pinterest I found this site It has lists of high end beauty product knock-offs that you can find at your local drugstore. The first thing I went out to buy was the Wet n Wild lip color. Love it!!  Hence, loving this site!
Perfect Pout

Two other colors I am dying to try out are also featured. (both found on blogs that I love. Here and here)  I am hoping that Ulta carries these and that I will be able to sample them there. A new Ulta just opened close by. I have yet to stop in but am planning on heading that way this week.

Do you have any favorite sites for make-up? Tips, tutorials, advice? I would love to hear them!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Know your limits

You'll have to excuse me this morning....or wait, I think it is actually almost afternoon. I'm recovering from a boutique on Saturday and Olivia's birthday yesterday. The house looks like a bomb hit it and there are still 5 girls here....and her party is not even until next weekend! Sometimes I need to remember that I have limits! So, today I am feeling completely discombobulated. Rather than blog about the craziness and fun of the weekend I think I am just going to take the afternoon to catch up around the house and re-orient myself. Hope you understand! Don't worry, I won't leave you without a little style fun!


Totally thought of this pic when Avery told me yesterday "You would look like a kid in that" as I held up this skirt at Aeropostale......  which is actually way more adult than kid! And it's on clearance for $14.00. Yes, we all need one!!  Wonder if she knew I was wearing a Crewcuts shirt?  Ha! Take that, child!!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's fancies - sequins and fire

I think I need an intervention!! I am sequin obsessed. Seriously! While out running errands this week I noticed I was immediately drawn to anything with sequins or sparkle of any kind. Sequin skirts, yes please! Metallic knits...I'll take it! A little sparkle clearly makes everything better. My challenge now is to make it all wearable for this mom who works from home and spends a lot of time dashing the kids from here to there. Fortunately, I am not scared of mixing it up!
bonfire chic

Ark & Co. zigzag dress / J.Crew j crew / Current/Elliott skinny fit jeans / KORS Michael Kors michael kors boots / Brown shawl

A sequin dress (I'll call it a tunic,) jeans and a jacket with a little bit of rugged mixed in, works perfectly for me. It's a bonfire theme over at the Long Distance Loving link up. I'll be the one sparkling in the flames! 

What do you think? Have I lost my mind? Happy Stylish Friday!

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