Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I wore Wednesday - coated leggings

Today's outfit is perfect for running errands! Faux leather leggings (or coated leggings if you will) with a twist -- they are green! I love them!! Paired with a simple black tee and my new fave piece! A french terry moto jacket from super chic step up from the hoodie! Just as comfy and cozy but MUCH better looking!

Jacket is from the Gap. I can't find it online but I know they still have them in stores and they are on sale right now! Similar here. Leggings from Forever21. Similar here. Pair with any old black tee and some simple snake print flats! The perfect outfit for running errands and trick or treating for the night. Might have to sport a fun cat eye tonight -even though I am totally make-up skill deficient....we can chat about that at another time. I need serious make up for realsies!!!

Happy Hallows Eve!!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Gucci Inspired Thanksgiving table

I have another fashion inspired Thanksgiving table setting for you today. I die over this green Gucci dress. I know it will never be in my closet.....mostly due to the fact that it costs as much as a wedding dress.  Hmmmmmmm..... what was that I was saying about renewing my vows??  I would sooo wear something like this if The Big B and I were ever to do it up big again.

Thanksgiving Table

Although the plates in this set up are quite pricey, I am sure a trip to Homegoods could net something similar, the charger is from Pier One and the brooch is from Kohl's! I love the idea of using little brooches on napkins instead of napkin rings.  Are you starting to make Thanksgiving plans?

If you are not intot the green above, you can view my previous post on a fashion inspired table shades of black, pink and warm rust. Next up....sequins!! So stay tuned!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Disco balls & confetti cannons.

It's party time! The weekend is just about here - which is always something to celebrate - and it's the 100th Friday's Fancies post over at av's blog....that certainly calls for a celebration!! Parties usually mean a new party dress for me but I am looking for other options lately as I know I have a few great dresses in my closet that can very easily be dressed up with accessories. has the perfect line of accessories to take any LBD to the next level.

Sparkly Celebration

I have to admit, I am not usually a fabric flower type of gal (if you can believe that!) but is different. There product just has that little something extra...maybe a touch of a vintage feel while still being modern? It's all sparkle, all girly, all disco ball and confetti cannons all the's!  I was able to preview their entire line of goodies this week and  fell in love. The fabrics they use as top notch and all of the brooches and rhinestone pieces are very well done. They have a great weight to them which really appealed to the vintage brooch collector in me!

Check out the party that is here.... they are cool....really cool. Aaaannnd if you live in the LA area, they are soon opening a pop up cart at the Grove. I promise once you see these goodies in person you won't be able to resist.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Set a fashionable table

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? I love entertaining and am so excited to be hosting my family next month. I have been brainstorming tablescape ideas ....because that is the most important thing right? Never mind the menu! Clearly the menu..and the equally as important but it seems the table takes much more planning. This year I am looking to fashion for ideas. Runway dresses can be a little over the top sometimes and down right moving!

Thanksgiving Table

Do you die over this skirt? Me too!! I thought it was perfect inspiration for a tablescape. I love the strong black color the overflow of fabric and the pop of pink. My favorite part of the table? The people that will be sitting around it...and that gold tone flatware :)
I've got a Gucci and a Gaultier up my sleeve as well..and they are much more affordable.  Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - peplum & camo

I didn't wear them together but I think maybe I could! I have been talking about these camo jeans for quite some time they have been sitting in my wardrobe....unworn.

Off to run a few quick errands! #camo jeans today! Paired with grey slouchy #cynthiarowley sweatshirt and a #handmade #clutch.
Monday seemed to be the perfect day for them. Paired with a slouchy grey sweatshirt (s'cuse those wrinkles!!) and some Nine West shoes. The key to this one was keeping everything sort of neutral and adding a dash of polish to the camo pants with a sweet, more refined looking shoe. The clutch was a hit and added that wow factor that every outfit needs.

Yesterday I spent the morning at a really fun fall preview at a PR firm and decided to go polished yet still's LA after all!


Jeans // Tank // Blazer

The BarIII line at Macy's is quickly becoming one of my faves and the best part is that so much of it goes on sale.  I am a serious sale shopper, it pains me to buy things full price, it really does! This peplum blazer is one of my new favorite pieces, so versatile and it's on maj sale! Yay!  You can see many of the lines offerings here as well as on my My Style pinboard.

Now on to those shoes!!  They can be found here. Statement shoes. For sure.

leopard booties 

Paired with a  statement clutch for a little pop of color. 


Now I should really get out of these pj's and into something much more fun and stylish! Hmmm...that has me thinking....stylish pj's that you wouldn't be ashamed to photograph yourself in??  hmmmm..... food for thought! 

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Casual & loungy - Weekend fun

Hi Dolls! How was your weekend? Mine was really, really enjoyable! I love a good weekend, don't you?? I started things off a bit early with a leisurely Friday.... I spent a good part of the day shopping. I hit one of my fave local thrift shops and scored an incredible vintage dress. It's metallic, and graphic and I have decided to hang it on the wall in our bedroom, because it's much too pretty to hang in the closet.

Have you ever liked a dress so much that you want to hang it on the wall instead of in the closet?? #gonemad #vintage #fashion #decor

Is it funny that this did not even phase The Big B? Clearly I picked the right guy to marry!

Saturday I spent the day downtown buying flowers, fabric and trim and just overall absorbing the fabric district. I am usually down there during the week and am in a mad dash to pick up what I need and get back in time for the kids to get out of school so it was a real treat to be able to take my time and even stop for lunch!
 Sunday I spent the majority of the day LOUNGING!! I can't believe it! Well, actually I can. I have an excuse. The dogs woke us up before 5am. Insanity right?? We let them into our bedroom and then one of them sat there licking the air for 15 minutes while the other one started snoring. If you are not familiar with our dogs, we have three of them, two of them are Newfoundlands, so when they snore, it's like a grown man snoring. We finally gave up and just got 5am...on a Sunday. It's wrong I tell you! Wrong! So we were pretty tired and spent a good part of the morning just hanging out on the couch together-- which was fabulous. Who wouldn't want to snuggle with a man who doesn't care that there is a sparkly dress hanging on the bedroom wall?? He's kinda' cute too!

I have a fun week ahead. I'm prepping for a photo booth set up at the girls school on Friday and will have a fun post about that. Tomorrow I'm heading to a fall preview event at a PR firm which I am so super excited about as they represent a couple of really fabulous lines. So lots of fun ahead this week on the blog. How was your weekend? What are your plans for the week?

 Happy Monday! Linking up with The Weekend Update and YOLO Mondays.


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Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Fancies : costume prep

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, I basically go through the motions so the girls have great memories....goodness knows what sort of therapy they would need later in life if we didn't have a proper Halloween. lol. I'll spend the night juggling kids around as both of them will want to trick or treat with friends...different friends. Separately. If I were to dress up, I would be the fashion police.
Fashion Police

Miss Selfridge white waistcoat / Mango leather pants / ASOS wedge sneaker, $61 / Black military hat

Easy, chic and most of this is already in my closet - sans the wedge high tops, but I'm one trip to DSW away from pair of those bad boys! I think some of you might want to call the fashion police on me for the shoes, but I love them and you gotta' own your style!

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

throw down - faux fur throws in the home

Just like our wardrobes, our home needs to be updated as the cooler weather approaches. One way to ensure a cozy feel in your fall home is to work faux fur into the mix. An easy way to achieve this in with throw blankets.

Throw one over your current bedding. Doesn't this just make you want to cozy right in there with a good book and a glass of vino?? So gorgeous fall-glam-chic!

I love how this throw is sort of masculine and feminine at the same time with the hardy linen pillows and the black geometric print offset by the plush fur throw.

This one screams sexy!!  Seriously....who doesn't want a sexy bed?? Please tell me my 11 year old won't read this....nah, she won't. She doesn't even follow me on instagram because I post "boring outfit stuff!"Good then..... I want a sexy bed like this one! How about you?

faux fur throws

Some great faux fur throws options for your home decor {and a few chic throw pillows as well just because I like you} Oh, and one little tip-- the key to these really enveloping your room is to make sure they will fit the width of your bed completely so measure before you order one.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Floral brigade.

Those fabulous floral pants from the other half. The blazer. Equally fabulous and equally on sale now!
Source: via Simone on Pinterest

I bought the pants full price....which is something I rarely do but I was in a bit of a hour away from home heading to a charity function in shorts because I was banking on finding a great deal while I was hitting some fave shopping spots in the OC. I was oogling the blazer at that time as well but just refused to buy two full price items that day! lol. Glad I waited! This floral print really is amazing. She is on super sale so I think she will be finding her way to my closet!
The other half

BCBG Max Azria platform booties / Brooch / Gold jewelry / Allison Daniel purple ring / BCBGMAXAZRIA

The print has quite a bit of army green in it and will look fabulous peeking out of an army jacket-- the black leather arms of this one really make the whole outfit work! Pair with some bf jean and gold accents and you are perfectly chic for just about any occasion!  Join the floral brigade!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fashionable and kind

October is Bullying prevention awareness month. Bullying is one thing I absolutely cannot stand. Being a mom to two girls I hear about it all the time. I have seen it in my daughters class since kindergarten if you can believe that.  Last year it was happening within my daughters circle of friends. Sad. I just have no patience for it. It is a direct result of insecurity, nothing more, nothing less. I continually tell my girls "your friends should treat you kindly all the time. If they don't then you need to look for different friends." My girls treat their friends the way expect to be treated.  I'm proud of my kind, beautiful, CONFIDENT, SECURE girls! Today I thought I would dress the part with my Sugarland concert t-shirt. It has some of the lyrics to Stand Up on the back. Have you heard that song? It's fab. Pertinent and meaningful.  You can watch a live performance of it here.

Bar III Black floral pants one of my fave brands (on serious sale!! $37!! ). The snake print heels are old. You can find similar ones here.


In lieu of a concert tee, I would recommend this Rachel Roy Bullying is never fashionable tee. I love a designer with a cause. Rachel Roy is one of my faves. Oh and I can't forget a little detail -- I pulled my hair into a high pony and used a wrap bracelet to adorn my ponytail. Fun and fashionable.

Be fashionable but more importantly, be kind!  Negativity speaks volumes about someone.  

Linking up with some sweet gals. Stop on over to check out what everyone else s Loving Lately!   

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Day Dreaming

Where has the day gone today?? I feel like I have spent the entire day sitting here staring blankly at the computer screen. It's bad. Just feeling off and kind of in a funk. Must break out! Polyvore and pinterest usually do the trick! lol. I managed to get all my current clutches listed in the shop yesterday and have been dreaming up outfits for them ever since. I'm craving chunky knits (even though it has warmed back up again here....a girl can dream, right?)

About the clutch

Do you love the burgundy studded booties? Perfect for the clutch when paired with a chunky knit sweater and that bracelet. The clutch can be found in the shop here.

Happy Monday. Hoping you had a more motivated day than I!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend wearables and a restocked shop

Happy Sunday everyone! It feels like I have spent the majority of the weekend on the couch so far. Editing photos and loading new bags into the shop. I am loving the new leather pouches. They are perfect for everyday. My current outfit craving??

Weekend chic

Weekend chic by simonehowell
Sweats, leather moto jacket, cowl and a clutch! Isn't that perfect. What are you craving? Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Swing on by the shop and check out all the new goodies. They are all one of a kind and ready to ship.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Clutches, text and prints.

It's Friday!! Yay! What do you have planned for the weekend? I'm hoping to spend quite a bit of time in the studio. Working this week has been the best! I feel like I am brimming with new ideas and designs. I spent quite a bit of time drafting new patterns and am dying to see them in action. First up is a new zipper clutch. It's gorge!! A leather bottom, multiple fabrics and pops of color and sparkle make me happy. There's really not much else to say about that! This is one of my faves-- cobalt suede, a gorgeous rust colored damask, gold velvet and animal print trim that's part snow cat part leopard print, so versatile!!


What to wear with that? A simple statement tee, snow cat boots and either skinny jeans or leggings...depending on your mood.

text and print

Another fave that I can't not share....

Oxblood leather, leopard print and sequins!! What more could a girl ask for?? They will be in the shop by tomorrow afternoon...pending enough sunlight to take great pics! Rainy days yesterday and today made for a challenging photo shoot!

Linking up with Friday's Fanicies at Long Distance Loving.  Swing on by there for loads of fall outfit inspiration.
Happy Stylish Friday!
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ghostly chic - A halloween tutorial

I am NOT a Halloween But the girls love Halloween and had been complaining for years that we don't do any decorating so last year we started with a few things and this year I hit the dollar store for a few skeletons and tombstones and the hardware store for a little chicken wire to get our Halloween DIY on!

A ball gown ghost is perfect for us! Perfect!! I can actually pull in to the driveway without cringing and the kids are grinning from ear to ear!! The Ballgown Ghost Tutorial is all wrapped up in a nice PDF bow just for you!


Add a few glittery skulls and a dash of pink, yes pink! Decor complete!
DIY Halloween decor is fun! Enjoy!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Breaking and entering....

If there were a house in close proximity, or not in close proximity, that had a banister that looked like this.....

I would quite possibly break in and fight to the death for it. Yes, yes I would. It.Is.Beyond. Those of you who know me know that I kid not about these things!  Certain things are worth the fight!

Happy Monday!

ps-- did a little Halloween decor this weekend that I am SO proud of.... Super chic. Stay tuned for the details!

pss- have you seen the DAMN gas prices in CA? It's wrong I tell you.  WRONG! Vowing to drive nowhere other than kids school and the dance studio this week. Will buy a new pair of running shoes instead of filling tank :) May even walk the kids to school....they will be delighted. (although that would mean getting up earlier so maybe not! lol)   It will be blog worthy for sure!

Happy Monday...again.

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