Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend un-wearables

Will fall ever get here?? Ever?? I'm DYING for a dash of cooler weather. It has been over 100 degrees for what seems like forever. Today has cooled a bit....95. Tomorrow it is supposed to be back up again. I can hardly take it! I am for sure a warm weather gal but enough is enough already!! This weekend we have a full schedule...again. Our foreign exchange intern heads back to Germany tomorrow which is the same day Brian's dad arrives in town. We are planning on doing a few fun outings and have a couple of parties to attend and plan on also doing quite a bit of lounging by the pool. What will I be wearing this weekend? Maxi dresses...preferably ones that do not require a bra ! lol. Hate bras. Really I do. Especially in the summer. Under wire--and bra's in general-- make me crazy on a hot day (I have been known to remove such nonsense while sitting at a stop light. Yes, yes I have!!)

Holiday Weekend

Labor Day is supposed to be the end of summer, right?? I certainly hope so! Bring on fall! What are your weekend plans? Is it cooling off in your neck of the woods?

Happy Stylish Friday! Linking up with the usual lovelies:: My Friday Fancies at Long Distance Loving and Fashion Friday at Blonde Episodes ! Swing on by for cooler weather inspiration and think fall!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stand out in camo

Today I went out on an official fashion limb. I bought a pair of camo skinny jeans. Oh yes, yes I did. I'm not sure who will love me in them...other than me :) But that's what it's all about right?? Own it!!

So I am going to wear these jeans and own it! The plan is to pair with a solid top and some pointy toe heels. I'm loving the mismatched rugged chic look lately...think torn boyfriend jeans and fancy satin shoes a la Kate Spade...sign me up!

Source: via Simone on Pinterest

If you are wondering where I found such beauties? Tar-jayyy baby! They were all of $22. Which made that little southern backwoods voice inside my head say "Girl you just hay-av to hay-av them jeans!" And so I did. I did have them jeans. Honey Boo Boo chic at it's finest!

Linking up for What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy (because you know Ill be wearing the hizooo out of my camo jeans!!)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sooooo. Hi there beautiful! Long time no see. I know. For some reason I have just had a blog know, like a writers blog but for this here blog...yes this one. Right here. The one that I have been MIA from since I don't know when at this point! So today I have decided to sit down and push through it. Just MOVE ON! Ya, know?? I am going to blog. Every day. Even if it is just something short and sweet or an inspiring picture. Something!! Today, a quote.

Apropo because I do fee like my mind has been wandering lately. I'll pay more attention to where it goes.
I think I have spent more time than necessary day dreaming about this dress. Really I have. We were in Santa Monica this weekend and it was in the window of the BCBG store. It took my breath away.

sleek dogs

And another fun ditty, scored these adorable puppies at my local flea market today. Lurves!! Don't know where I am going to put them but knew I absolutely had to have them!!  I might have scored a second pair that have spots :) Swing on my my instgram feed to check them out.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Job description.

Style obsessed wife, mom, designer, blogger, treasure hunter, jewelry hoarder, latte queen. Dance mom. That's right! I.Am.A.Dance.Mom. But not THAT kind of dance mom! I often laugh at the many hats I wear. The blog, the bags, the designing--  they really do fall in line after wife, mom, dance mom,  and of course jewelry hoarder, shoe lover and obsessive shopper. ;)
Both of my girls dance on a competitive dance team. This is their third year on team. For the past two years I have sat back and kept a low profile at the studio but word has alas gotten out. I can design. I know fabrics, I will go to the edge of the earth to find the perfect fabric, trim or rhinestone.  SO-- mama has been having a little fun with the pencil. Dreaming up some serious dance frou frou! I have to admit..... It.Is.Fun!

Up late(ish) sketching dance costumes
I can't wait to see my girls dancing in outfits I designed for them!   Another great perk of the job?? Finding some of the most incredible music that I would have never discovered without dance. One of my current faves??? Drehz. It's flat out creative.

Listen to it. Love it. Or I'll go all dance mom cray cray on you!!
There are some much better Drehz songs than this..although I do love this one too! Hit Itunes and check them out. I think you will lurves!  Hope you enjoy!
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend ramblings.

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? Oh and your past week or that matter?!? I had such a crazy busy week that I didn't have much time to check in around here. But the kiddos are now settled back into school and my official PTA duties are pretty much finished until spring :) So I'm hoping to get back into the full swing of things around here.... including getting back into the studio to design fall bags.
So what exactly is it that has been keeping me so busy? Well, first I was in charge of hosting a back to school breakfast for the teachers at the girls school. We like to welcome them back with breakfast and a little something to start the year off right so I made them whiteboards. They can use them for to do lists or anything else they would like and I have to say they looked really adroable dressing up the tables as centerpieces!

These were so simple to make. I hit the 99cent store for a bunch of frames, spray painted the ones that were ugly, cut scrapbook paper down to an 8x10 size, slipped the paper into the frame and then used bakers twine in different colors to add a dry erase pen. I simply tied the pen to one end of the twine and hot glued the other end to the back of the frame. I bought 30 frames,two cans of spraypaint,  found packages of 6 mini white board makers at target for under $4 each. Ibought a big book of scrapbook paper at Michaels for 50% off and used a 40% off coupon for the twine.  The whole project cost about $95.00. For 30 white boards! These would be so cute as party favors as well as wedding decor or favors.

After a craft filled start to the week, I got the girls off and running back to school. We are sooo pleased with their teachers this year.--They are exactly where we hoped they would be so that's always a great feeling. We are looking forard to an incredible year.  It's Olivia's last year in elementary school...I can hardly believe it!  At the end of the week I spent quite a bit of time turning our playroom bak into a guestroom as well as sprucing up the rest of the house with new pillows and an INSANE etsy find!


Friday night I had a fun night of Bunko with some great ladies. Sported a Peach Pit shirt from Old Navy (paired with floral shoes which I didn't get a chance to photograph) and enjoyed a nice little Chardonnay.

Saturday night we had friends over and had a big Mexica Fiesta. Our backyard was converted ito a badminton's all very official and measured out.  This is what happens when one leaves spray paint out and a group of er... rather competative men get together to play backyard games.

Badminton in backyard. #veryofficial
And that about tops it off. Yesterday we hit the gym, did some work around the house and hung out with our foreign exchange intern...she pretty incredible. I'll introduce you to her later in the week.

Well there ya have it!! How was your week/weekend? Can't wait to see what everyone is up to this week.
Linking up with the girls at YOLO Mondays and Weekend Update

Happy Monday! I feel like life might actually be returning to our usual just-a-scosh-less-than normal. Yay!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I wore. Wednesday.

Well I feel pretty proud today! I have clearly not been holding up my end of the deal (if there is such a thing) here on the blog...but is What i wore Wednesday. And my post is just that. What I wore. And it's here on Wednesday. Bonus! I'm feeling really energized this week. The kids go back to school on Thursday and i have been up early trying to adjust myself back to some sort of routine. I kinda' like getting up early again. So, here's the rundown of a few wearables from this week so far. Last week I hit Forever21 with the tweenfashionista and couldn't resist buying both of these shirts for myself. One of the was $15. Seriously. Can't wait to wear both of them. The top on the right I am showing the fab, right? Love an open-ish back. I need to find a pair of coated black jeans to wear this with. On the shopping list :)


Unfortunately it's BOILING here! Over 104 so poly with sleeves is not in the mix right now. Although Maxi skirts, mixing prints and vintage necklaces are in the mix! If you are wondering how to pull off the mixed prints look, think scale. Both of these prints are small and both contain black so this works. Steer clear of mixing two large scale prints or prints that don't relate in at least one color.


I have had this vintage Vendome necklace forever. I love it. And don't wear it often enough. I wore it twice in three days and resolve to add it to the rotation more often. Search "vintage vendome necklace" on Etsy if you are pining for one yourself.

On the blog

Yesterday was still a scorcher...although just under the radar of "too hot to even open the curtains." I had to organize and set up a teacher breakfast at the girls school so I wore some old school Gap boyfriends jeans for ease and comfort. The top was a TJMaxx find and another vintage bauble necklace that is in the shop (had to give it a test drive, ya' know. Perks.)

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I wore Wednesday.
pleated poppy

Swing on over there, say Hi and explore some great blogs!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hello there!!  First, sorry for my complete absence!!  We were in Denver visiting Brian's family and I thought for sure I would be all over blogging while I was there but then honestly I just ended up hanging out and seriously lacking motivation. Sometimes it's great to just hang out. That I did! We were there visiting Brian's family. His sister just had her third baby. He's adorable!!!   And I spent a ton of time just soaking him up. Can you blame me?? Look at this little button!! 

SO dang mushable!!  Couldn't get enough!! And his sisters are fabulous too! Full of energy, they certainly kept up on our toes and constantly laughing. They think I swear. A lot. I kept hearing "Auntie Simone, you can't say that. That's a bad word"  And by the end of our trip they were calling Brian "Uncle Marty"....just to be funny. Love them!

So anyway, that's my excuse...and I think it's a good one. Still, sorry for just hitting the road there.

So let's get back to business. Life is crazy. School starts next week. I have again taken on a PTA position....enough said about that. lol. My to do lists have been for home, one for blog, one for studio, one for life and one for fall wardrobe....although it seems like fall may never get here...temps have averaged 105 for the past few days. I can hardly stand it any longer!!

My current obsession is metal mesh and anything ANYTHING BCBGMaxAzria. (Sorry to yell but this label sends me over the edge!! I seriously love everything about it!) has loads of it on sale right now too. I die over 6pm as well! What are you craving for fall fashion? 
Can I still link up with my Friday peeps?? Even though it's Saturday??  Yes I can!

Happy Stylish Saturday! I promise never to be so absent again!
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Friday, August 3, 2012

The countdown...

I hate to be that mom....the one who comes undone come the end of summer...but I was having a moment last night. You can ask my sister in law about it... well you could but I won't give you her contact info because she knows too much. lol. One day she might have a blog.....she's an incredible photographer! Until then, I'll pepper her life with texts about how I may or may not secretly flip the bird behind the bedroom door to one or more members of our family that may be acting "less than stellar" if you know what I mean.... Sometimes it's the little things that get me through! lol. Anyway, today we are off to Denver to visit my other SIL, and her family...which happens to include a 10 day baby boy! I'm DYING to meet the little man. Once we arrive home, the first day of school will be just. around. the. corner. #thankyoulord! (that's my other new thing...I hash tag my SIL via text too! It's funny. And usually contains a swear word or two. You should try it! Def leads to laughter which is a great stress reliever. Anyway, it's Style File Friday so let's talk style. Back to school style. I went to Target to pick up one t-shirt a few days ago and came home with a bag full of cute clothes for the girls. I have to say Target can be very hit or miss for me in the girls dept but this time was a real score. I picked up all the Target pieces below for Avery.

Back to school

My favorite being the knit grey blazer. Adorbs!! They will mix fabulously with the leopard shorts we already got her and a few pieces we'll be ordering from Gap. Do you not DIE over those polka dot smoking loafers...because every kid should own a pair of smoking loafers!! lol. Avery has now landed herself into women's size shoes...this opens up a whole new door for that one...and believe me, she loves herself a good pair of shoes. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Happy Stylish Friday! Linking up with the usual suspects.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Falling in love with

Bar III. It's an in-house ready to wear line for Macy's and I'm a bit obsessed with it so I went on the hunt to see what's in store for fall from them. The hunt landed me on The Style Socialite Blog - the blog is new to me and I lurves it...almost as much as I love what's to come in fall from Bar III. Here are a few of my must haves....

Love that sweater!!  As well as the striped dress.
Source: via Simone on Pinterest

Speechless over this shirt. All I can say is "Yes please!"  I also really love this Aztec print cardi. I'm on the fence with Aztec prints to tell you the truth, but I really love this piece and think it would work for many different looks. I might buy just one statement Aztec piece for fall and winter. This could be it.

Thanks again to The Style Socialite for the pics! And to Macy's for great design at affordable prices :)
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Funny girl

As Avery and I were in the car yesterday evening, I was talking bout going to the gym, she said "can we stop home before we go?" I said of course. "I'm not going to run in a dress and heels"

Dress is an old Bar III (love everything about this line and it's affordable too!!) You can see current line here. Jewelry is Banana longer in stores either. Sorry! I have to say, this outfit was a little thrown together.....I totally could have done a better job and the dress really needed a belt, but some days, a dress alone will just have to do!

Her response: "Well you would run in a dress and heels if you were in a store and you saw the perfect piece and it was on sale and someone else was also walking toward it. Then you would run in your dress and heels"

Yes. Yes I would. She's funny. And spot on.

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy today.

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