Friday, April 27, 2012

Make a statement!

I am on the run out the door this morning to check lighting for our photo shoot tomorrow as well as run downtown for dance costume trims. I did manage to finally get some good pics of some of the vintage jewelry pieces and get those listed in the shop.

Swing on by....I am suuuuuurrree there is something you cannot live without. Every piece I listed this week is my new fave! lol.

 I seriously just cannot get enough of vintage jewelry. It's really great to have pieces that no one else has as well as pieces that can take any ho hum outfit to the next level.

 Kate Spade knows what she is talking about when she says accessories are the staple of her wardrobe. I couldn't agree more, Kate! Happy Stylish Friday! Be sure to work some vintage accessories - and handmade bags - into your wardrobe this spring and summer!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A sneaky little secret.

Maybe I will just turn it into "What I wore Thursday!" lol. I'm in a bit of a rush this morning as I have to be in Avery's class at 9:45 and she has once again reminded me that gym clothes are not only not acceptable, but also embarrassing. So the pressure is on.

I have a secret I should share with you -- a quick shot of what I wore on Tuesday....

Don't tell anyone but that top is actually a pj top... Cynthia Rowley has the most luscious fabrics in sleepwear! And it is all chic enough to wear during the day...well, almost all of it...these pants would make quite a scene!  I swear I didn't wear these out of the house!!

The lipgloss is from Miss A's Hello Kitty palette. Yes, I wear pajamas and kids make-up sometimes {and I leave the house that way tooo!}! I am obsessed with this gloss....the perfect shade of coral/ red/ orange! LOVE it! Of course it is not available to buy alone.

And just when you think it couldn'tt get much better - that's a sock bun - so yes, there a sock in my hair!

So Avery, my gym clothes might not be so bad...better than pj's, kid make-up and socks in my hair! Chic..... ha! Can I redeem myself by saying I also work a Kate Spade cuff bracelet?? Didn't think so.....

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The road to fabulous.

I came across this image on pinterest,

via designlove fest and Bri Emery (one of my secret crushes - love a gal who has such distinct style and owns it in every ounce of her being! I'm a tisch obsessed, I must say!)

That lead me to - Lo Bjurulf - interior stylist extraordinairre!! Dying over this gal! Anyone with a brain that can conjure up a room with these lampshades is a new BF of mine! One can see why she styles for so many top Euro interior mags.

So fabulous I had to share! And if anyone knows the source for that fabric - PRAY TELL!! I need it for a maxi skirt! Might be on the hunt for a great graphic print on my next trip downtown...which just happens to be this week. :)

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Friday, April 20, 2012

A stylish ribbon belt tutorial.

I'm under a rock once again! Sorry to have missed my usual Wednesday and Thursday posts. I'm going to load them all into one post on style today. It's stylish Friday, it will highlight what I wore on Wednesday and I"ll even wrap in a little tutorial. I guess if I'm going to be MIA I need to make it count when I am here!

Wednesday was about 85 degrees here. I spent the majority of the day in the studio working on a prototype for new totes. {I am not in love with the old tote styles and really want to make something I love...hence the reason there are no totes in the shop yet. I need for them to be perfect and something that I would carry in a flash..I'm almost there!} Where was I?? Oh yes, the weather and the dress. Since it was so warm I really felt a maxi dress was perfect for the day. I wanted to be super comfy schlepping around the studio so decided on a Old Navy maxi dress that I had gotten last year...I seriously think I paid like 7 bucks for it or something insane like that! And I felt like 7 bucks in it too! So booooorrring! At first I thought I could just add a little jewelry and would be good to go but nothing was working. It needed a belt. A bright pop-statement-making belt...and a brooch! So I headed out to my happy place to make something fun.
I decided on a gorgeous grosgrain and a vintage brooch.  Easiest and quickest outfit transformation ever!!

Here is how you do it....

Wrap the ribbon around your waist and overlap it by about 2 inches. Cut it.

Hem both ends. I hemmed one end under and one end the seams would be on the opposite sides. (one nice thing about this ribbon is that there is no right side...both sides are the same. Not sure if that would work on a ribbon that has a clear right and wrong side. If you have any questions about what will work, my advice would be pin everything in place and then wrap it around your waist to see if it all lines up properly.

Cut 2 pieces or Velcro. I cut a 1" strip of the harder rougher side and a 2" strip of the softer side so the belt could be a little adjustable. 

Pin and sew the Velcro onto the end of the ribbon. Again, I sewed one to the top side of the ribbon and one to the underside of the ribbon. The rougher 1" piece should be sewn on the underside and the softer 2" piece should be sewn on the right side of the ribbon.

Slide a brooch on and wa la! Finito. Take a boooorrrring old maxi dress to a new level all in about 15 minutes!

Wondering where you can get an affordable maxi dress to make your own?? Here ya' go!
Happy Stylish Friday (and what I wore Wednesday and Inspiration Thursday!) Now I need to get back to my garage!!  Prepping for tomorrow mornings decor sale.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Open and shut eye!

Well hello my lovelies! I've missed you all! So sorry for missing a few posts at the end of last week. I ended up taking on a little project for the girlsl dance recital at the very last minute so spent a bit of time making a throne...when I should have been blogging. There are times something just has to give..and the evil queen in Snow White had to have somewhere to site afterall. Nothing like a last minute rush for a key prop! I swear I need to learn when to just keep my big mouth shut! lol. Now that I have made a throne, made bear costumes for the ballet and have offered to fix our less than average Egyptian costumes that we paid $96 to have "custom made" the secret is out...I can make things....and they tend to be rather pretty when I do. It was fun to see my work in action, I have to say. The girls had their dance recital this past weekend which entailed a total of 18 hours of dance chaos (organized chaos, of course) think false eyelashes, bright red lips, 17 different costume changes a day between the two of them (no joke 17!!) and one very proud mama!

I cannot believe what amazing dancers my girls are becoming! I also cannot believe how much both of them love being on stage! I'll blog a bit more about this once I have some fantastic pics to share....we have a dance photo shoot set up with the fabulous Sara Ancich in a few weekends. Of course this has set my wheels in motino of scouting locations and what to wear! Oh my! I tell SIL was right when she said it must be exhausting being me. My little mind just doesn't stop. The other dance moms always laugh at me because there are very few dance costumes that I could add to. One of them said "I'd love to see a finished costume that you don't think needs anything...I told her "You will. I'll design Olivia's solo costume next year." :)  Kind of feel like I am rambling..... I have had minimal sleep. I think I should head to bed. I promise to be back to "normal programming" tomorrow...or Wednesday at the latest :)
On a completely different and still rambling note. The shop is OPEN!! Did you see?? Go check it out.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sparkle to the Rain.

Some people love waking up to the sound of rain. not one of them. It just makes me want to stay in bed! The rain this morning is no different. Bleck. But I did lumber out of bed with a clear vision of Uggs. Do you love them? Do you hate them? I know I should hate them...I really should! They are not flattering in any way, shape or form. Especially because I have big feet (9 1/2)-- they don't make my feet look any smaller. But...I love me a good pair of Uggs. A few years back I managed to find a pair that no one else has (secret smile) and I did score them at the Ugg outlet for under $100. When I was trying them on, a lady stopped and said "I would buy those if I could work them like you" SOLD!! lol. {Mr. H. thinks I'm a little bit crazy every time I wear them.}

Today I'm adding a little chic to the mix in the form of a gold sweater. Something sparkly is a MUST on a gloomy day like today - add a dash of jewelry and we're off to a good start.

These are a few pieces (taken with my phone-- gasp!!  in a rush today!!) that will be in the shop over the weekend. The Lucite necklace it BEYOND! It will pain me to part with's totally one of those pieces that I'll think about forever-- until I find another to buy for myself! The rest of the outfit....the sweater is from a local boutique, the plaid shirt is from the boys section at Target!! I'm obsessed with boys shirts at Target.  Coral and grey plaid and $12.99...yes please!! I am usually an xs/s in women's and the boys size 12-14 fits perfectly. Jeggings -- Joe's Jeans from Piperlime....Could live in these!

Maybe a gloomy day is not the worst thing in the world when you add a dash of sparkle and shine. And now I'm off to lock myself in the studio for the day.... There's always a bright side to everything. Choose Joy.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Round it up!

Have you heard about my jewelry struggles.?? Or should I say my jewelry organization struggles? My obsession with accessories makes it a bit difficult to find a good spot to lasso it all.

Today I took a little time to scale things down a bit, get rid of anything that I haven't worn in a very long time and at least get things into some sort of semblance.

I am now even more convinced that a small armoire will do the trick perfectly. There is one sitting in the garage.... I am positive Mr. H is about to lose his mind over the state of our my garage if I don't make some moves pretty quickly. Things will get better, I promise. If you live in the area, April 21st is looking like the perfect morning for me to have a decor on the ready!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

You need this!!! need this! It's brill!! Kuzimo is an app  that allows you to take pics from your phone, make delish little color story boards and then post them to Pinterest.

How have I lived without this for so long? Endless hours of entertainment.....this week when I have not a minute to spare.

We had a fabulous time on spring break entertaining family over the last week,  the shop opens on Saturday (you just might be getting a little sneak peek of some fabric combos up there)  and it's recital weekend for the girls. Redbull take me away!

Happy Monday!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Coachella Chic

How does one go chic to a boho music festival in the desert? Gardenhouse style of course!
Coachella Chic
I'm certainly not one for camping, but a teepee with a little Confetti System drape and a few faux fur pillows might convince me....Or there is always this place.

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh My Pants!!

How I have lived my life without these pants so far is beyond me. Just beyond!!  I'm obsessed! Oh pinterest, why do you do this to me??   These are what I wish I were wearing today.....

They are on sale at Jules Reid for $250. I need to start making more time for myself to sew...for myself. I mean, look at this-- Designers Guild gets me every time!!

I've really been wanting to make some printed pants as well as shorts.And I have a laundry list of things to sew for the girls. Hopefully after the shop re-opens I'll have more time for that. Ha! I am funny! Looks like a few late night sewing sessions are on the horizon! Anyone have a favorite pant pattern they'd like to share?? ON second thought - maybe dropping $250 on pants isn't such a bad idea after thinking about muslins and adjusting patterns and buttons and zippers.....hmmmm. These are What I wish I was wearing today. I would absolutely rock them with a slouchy white tee and my new Stella and Dot Camilla ring. Newly Obsessed with big rings too! If you'd like to order your own Camilla ring - or anything else of Stella and Dot fabulousness, this gal can help you! Stacey is a doll!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have a look around

I thought it would be fun to share a few snapshots of around the house and the studio.
My coffee table...

Avery's room.

Waiting fabrics...

And loads of trim!

I'm busy as a bee finishing up some custom orders, getting ready for the shop to open and more importantly, prepping for family to arrive on Wednesday! Cannot wait to see my two beautiful nieces and the rest of Brian's family. Yay!

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