Friday, March 30, 2012

Pop of Neon

Can you believe neon is back?? I have been debating whether or not I am into it and the more I see little pops of it here and there, the more I like it. There is definitely a right and wrong way to it to your wardrobe, I personally think small pops are best. Stick with accessories on this one...and nothing too expensive as it will be gone before you know it as well!  I love the look of brown, earthy skinnies and somewhat unexpected tee and then a fun little dazzle on the neck along with a pop of ultra bright on the feet! How cute is this look?
Pop of Neon

I'm totally unmotivated today-- moving slowly after a fun night out with friends at a local bar- total dive! We had a great time!  Always fun with my girls.....funny that this morning I got an email about a deal on Zaca recovery patches - rush shipping too! lol. Would have been nice to know about these yesterday! I'll keep those in my arsenal for next time. And no to motivate myself to finish tutus and animal ears for Avery's ballet class! Deadline 4pm. Must run!

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Color Pattern Play

Shut the front Flor!!
Source: via Simone on Pinterest

Imagine the possibilities.....

Happy Inspired Thursday!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I wore Wednesday

So I have to give myself some kudos today-- because I really didn't feel like getting dressed at all! Which is crazy because I always love to dress up. I literally had to force myself out of pj's and did it purely for What I Wore Wednesday. So what does one wear when they feel like slouching in pj's all day? A maxi skirt (That blue one from Target that was in Friday's Style file) and sweatshirt of course! 

sweatshirt from gap a few years back-- still one of my faves even with a little paint on the sleeve!
Necklace-- Vintage

And a vintage snake belt/necklace/bracelet...worn around the neck this time! The necklace is in perfect nik and I HEART it! One of the girls at dance tonight told me my necklace scared them! ha ha ha! I love it! I'll keep that in the back of my mind for future use!

Yesterday the UPS man delivered a few goodies - I revamping my shoe wardrobe...maybe I'll share more about what goodies were dropped at my doorstep in next weeks WIWW post. Stay tuned! And of course I'll be posting a bunch of sneak peeks of what will be hitting the shop once it re-opens in mid-April. I am flat out obsessed with this green fabric! It's from Jennifer's Crazy Love line. Sometimes I think she designs fabric just for me! I am sure a lot of people feel like that. If you like color, she gets you! And you get her!

Can't wait to re-open the shop!!  I'm feeling So re-energized in the studio and it seems to be seeping into every  aspect of my life!! Life is good!

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy once again! And also with Work It Wednesday (so fun, right??) at         A little bit of laquer.  Swing on over there for lots of outfit know, when you need that extra push to get out of the sweats!!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Muse

Just a quick Monday Hello!! I stumbled across a new accessory line that I am obsessed with!! So I figured I would share.....Apres Ski. FABULOUS!
Apres Ski
And some trim that I cannot stop thinking about. Who doesn't love a touch of leopard?? 

I often take impromptu photos from the studio and post them on Instagram, so if you want a little sneak peek of what's to come, hook up with me over there....simonehowell....Blasting through a few custom orders and then will be working on more bags for the shop opening in April.
Happy Monday!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Relaxed chic

Maxi skirts are the ultimate comfort in my book! They can very easily be dressed up or dressed down and make you look seriously tall if you wear them with big chunky heels - as long as they still almost hit the ground -no one likes a maxi skirt that is 5 inches off the ground!

Source: via Simone on Pinterest

They are supposed to just about skim the earth - maximum length-- makes sense right? I adore these looks.

Relaxed chic, maxi skirt, comfy top and either a fabulous clutch or a low key fedora....or both!!
maxi skirt living

Yesterday I bought the blue skirt featured in this polyvore from Target. It has a bit of a gather detail which I really love. Everything seen here is super affordable, well minus the Eugenia Kim Fedora and teh Elva Fields necklace but I just could resist!  Only thing missing....clutches. Not to worry.....the shop will be back open in just about three weeks. (maybe at that time you can also find a little bauble to add to an existing necklace to make your own Elva Fields inspired necklace.)

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

fabric + sparkle

Have I told you about my jewelry organization issue? lol. Well, my jewelry is still all over the place on our bedroom and currently there is no end in sight! Yet I have managed to find a spot for something new - you know, a necklace I just couldn't live without! lol. 

This one has a purpose, I's a 110% justifiable purchase! On the topic of jewelry, I go through endless amounts of vintage brooches every year. Most of them don't stay long-- they are pinned to a bag and out the door they go-- but there are others that seem to linger. I'd love to say it is because I just can't find the right bag for them...but honestly, I think I just like them a little too much! 

It was love at first sight for me and this little luster turtle!!  He and I are hanging out today!!  I have been dying to wear him but I do realize I am not a big just-wear-the-brooch type person For some reason, unless you have a lapel or cowl neck to pin them on, brooches just look a bit funny to me, so some of my faves have just sat there....waiting. Until one day I spotted this fabulous necklace (of course originally found via pinterest, ah my lovely pinterest!) and thought - my turtle would love that!!  As would many of my other brooches that are just laying around! Yay! Purpose!!

The possibilities for this are endless!!  Similar necklaces can be found in this shop. My necklace arrived promptly and is gorgeous in person. Very well make and very lightweight which will be nice for summer.  I also love this necklace and think it would look AMAZE with this or this or this vintage brooch pinned to it! So easy to get carried away!

You can peruse etsy for fabric necklaces and both etsy and ebay for vintage brooches 'til the cows come home (you know, that's like foreva'!!) I'll also be starting to make the flea market rounds again soon as the shop will be re-opening in mid April so along with bags,  I also hope to have some vintage jewelry to offer. I promise I'll share the good stuff too!

Happy inspired Thursday!  Now off you go to dream up your own necklace brooch combos.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Glitter Globe - A tutorial

Happy Monday beautiful! Do you have big plans for this week? It's freeeeeezzzing here and I am feeling sluggish and just want to crawl back into bed. Monday morning with no coffee in the house makes for a  dragging mama! So...before I dash out to Starbucks I thought I would try to jumpstart myself by sharing this fun project I did for Avery's room.....glittering the world should put some spring in anyone's step, right??

I found a vintage globe light at the Goodwill for $7...the fact that they had one when I was actually looking for one is a small miracle! That never happens! I also chose to use Martha Stewarts glitter and glitter glue. Her glitter is finer than most and I wanted a smoother  and very sparkly look.I am sure you could use regular glitter and mod podge or just some watered down glue.

Step One-- Take it apart! I took it apart and took the bulb out as I was not going to use it as a light.

Step Two-- Spray paint that bad boy SILVER! And let it dry overnight.  I ended up rigging the globe up on an old toy racket so I could spray the whole thing at one time - I am a very impatient crafter!! One note on this-- I debated as to whether or not to pull off the tape around the middle of the globe as I could not tell if that was what was holding the two pieces together so I decided to keep it on. If you know that the globe will hold together without the tape, pull it off.

Step Three-- Set up a tray or something to catch the glitter or you will have a giant mess on your hands (I used an acrylic tray and some old wrapping paper) Quickly cover half the globe with the glue. You need to work fast as I found it dries pretty quickly and turns into a bit of a mess if you have to go back and add more. 

Step Four-- Sprinkle glitter all over the glue. Shake off and repeat. Let this dry for a few hours, then repeat with the opposite side. Let this dry overnight then give the globe a good shaking off or it will shed glitter for days! 

Step Five-- Put the globe back together and cut off the electrical cord - clearly make sure it is not plugged in before you do this!! After I put this back together, I actually let this sit outside for a few windy days as I didn't want glitter shed all over the house. It now has at home on a shelf in Avery's room. Every girl should have a glitter world!

Happy Monday! Hope you have a sparkly week!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Shoes

It's no secret that I simply LOVE shoes. They can really make or break an outfit..... Just like jewelry and handbags :)Any simple outfit can be taken to the next level with the addition of one or two stunning accessories.  I have dressed up some grey skinny jeans and a simple white tank with a little Stella and Dot bauble and a myriad of shoes.
Spring Forward

I don't know how I have lived without some of these shoes (all but one are on sale at right now! Super affordable! Follow those links!)  A few  are on their way to my house as we speak! Yay! Spring has sprung!  If you are looking for some fun pops of color through handbags, the shop will be re-opening goal is April 14th. Bags only with a touch of vintage bauble. Cannot wait!!

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspiration ~ Happiness is....

There are certain things in life that will make us unspeakably happy.

Stairs like this (let alone the that a lucite hand rail??!! GASP!)

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

And helping to design a room for a new NEPHEW!! Due in late July. Can hardly contain my excitement in the extended family land of 5 girls, 1 boy. ...soon to be 2.

Can't wait to meet the little bugger. Hopefully he will be mischievous and rogue just like his dad...and finally give my SIL a run for her money! She is the perfect mom...always so level headed and chill -  she can laugh at just about anything. Envy her. Love her. So excited!
Happy Boy.Blue.Inspired. Thursday.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I feel triumphant for making it by midnight! I spent the day in the studio - going BA-nanas with fabrics. Gosh it feels good to be back in the saddle!

Tangerine Tango Jeans- Paige
Top- Old Navy
Shoes - Mesecca
Clutch- Gardenhouse -- in da' house!

The shop will be re-opening in the next few weeks. Loads of amaze foldover clutches and bags bags bags... Nothing else for now. Just bags.

Linking up with What I wore Wednesday on The Pleated Poppy.
pleated poppy
Go check it out for more fantastic outfit inspiration! Get out of those sweatpants!!
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dresses for all!

It's Friday! Stylish Friday! Yay!! An image popped up on my facebook feed this week that immediately drew me in. After a little research I found it was part of the D&G Spring 2012 show....scarf print and mixed pattern dresses.
Boho in the making
They are TDF! Paired with a chunky natural looking heel, or flats for the girls. I could see myself AND the girls in these...although the girls will need to have straps. Of course mama is not going to be springing for D&G dresses for anyone in this household...but I can certainly sew up a few! Chiffon might be a complete nightmare to work with......I'll be doing a little research on the best way to sew this fabric.  Anyone have suggestions or tips??  I found a few great prints at Joann's believe it or not! A few are in the polyvore above and the rest photographed here.

Head on over to Joann's to pick up a few....the two on the bottom were bought at my local Joanns and paired with a little Art Gallery fabric - It's the PERFECT match.  Thinking I'll be using the quilting weight fabric for the bodice.  I'm going to be scouring downtown for a green scarf print chiffon to tie it all in.

Happy Stylish Friday.
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Monday, March 5, 2012


What a fabulous weekend it was here in SoCal.  A semi-impromptu visit from my parents and near record breaking temps landed us at the beach for the day on Saturday.  I have been playing around with my camera and it's different settings - trying to pull away from auto mode. Here is photo I took of the girls (we were plus one) along with a quote that I found fitting for our lives right now.

So I have to say, I just wrote this post about friendships and certain things that are going on with  us and I have decided to delete it for something more vague. I sometimes find it hard to draw the line as to what makes it onto the blog??  I am in sort of a strange situation where I know certain people read this blog and they tend to talk a lot to their kids....who tend to bring it to school. So I should be careful what I say. The flip side to this is that I know a lot of fabulous moms and have be-friended them only through this blog. I know their words would give me what I need to get though what is going on but I am torn as to whether or not to share in fear that it would get back to the playground. I guess when push comes to shove, you have to look out for your family. And know your audience.

So I shall just say that I could not be more proud of this gal right here. My Olivia is so strong and confident and has the backbone to stand up for what she believes. All by herself. There was one straw that broke the camels back and she made a choice all on her won...then came home and told me about it. (I am sitting on my hands and biting my tongue and just letting her know I am here if she wants to talk about anything. It's hard for me...but we live and learn as time goes on!)  And Liv is totally fine.  She's pretty great! So strong and so confident and kind and compassionate....words that I think many do not use all in the same sentence when describing a single person.  Love that gal!  I think she will change the world one day...all by herself! One more reason to be grateful for today! 

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday love

Pink tunic, red lips and a dash of something extra in the baubles.

Back to bags as well....

Zebra linen, orange and pink print a la' Jennifer Paganelli and a dash of Ikat from the lovely Amy Butler. Color is good!  Happy spring!

Hope ya'll are having a fabulous weekend!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Insta style

Are you on instagram? I'm a newbie but am loving it and totally addicted so far. I spend some time on it while waiting for the kids to get out of school....have to do something other than look through mags right? I think you'll see my instagram photos show what I am doing in the car. I usually grab the mail on my way to the car and then sit and wait for the I post a lot of tear sheets on Instagram. Hence the Friday Style File post a la Instagram.

Two tear sheets of note from last week.....

Marni is doing a line for H&M. Launching march 8th only in select stores. I'll be there with bells on. DVF doing a line of girls dresses for Gap - quite possibly the most epic collab of all time. And adult juice boxes....just in case I need something to drink while waiting in the car for the kids. ;)

A J Crew look--leopard pants and zebra shoes? Loves? or not. I'm actually on the fence about it.

Oh and a shot or two of what Instagram is really supposed to be about...capturing and documenting life in a fun artistic way. 4" heels should not be the shoe of choice when upholstering a headboard.

And the weather in Santa Monica was fabulous today.

Happy stylish Insta-Friday. Linking up for the first time with a bunch of other Instagram lovelys over at Life Rearranged. Are you on Instagram?? Swing by (simonehowell) and say hi if you are!

life rearranged
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