Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swimming up stream.

At a lunch with a dear friend this week,  we were discussing our business plans and how similar we are in our approach to getting things done. I have told myself that I will not start on anything else until Avery's room is finished and after talking with her, I feel like that may not be the best tactic -- because it just means that everything else in life goes down the tubes. I sort of fell like I am on a stationary bike this week so far.  I have been busy trying to get Avery's room finished this week....completely done. ASAP!! I swear it should not take this long. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don't always wear the best shoes for crafting! )This is a shot of my boots from yesterday as I was making her fabric covered headboard!

I did finish the Union jack table..... it tested my sanity for sure! lol. Of course this means that my plans to re-open the shop have been pushed back, as have a number of other things on the list.

Today I am working on Avery's Lady Gaga hat for her toastmasters speech tomorrow.....channeling McQueen for a lobster hat! lol. We'll see how that goes. I'm sure it will entail using the dreaded glue gun which means I'll have blisters somewhere. I have no idea what my problem is with glue guns! I burn myself EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

Even though sometimes I feel like I am just treading water, I do think I am making progress.
I feel like I have a more clear plan for Gardenhouse and am excited about opening back up....after I finish Avery's room. Gahhh I need to get out of this box! lol. I'll share photos of her room once it's complete....which will be the end of this week come hell or high water!! I think an all night sewing marathon is in order!

Do you have any suggestions on how to manage the chaos?? I think I need to compartmentalize by day?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - aside from change the shoes! lol.
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Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Oscars....

Last night a  friend swung by my facebook page hoping for the usual red carpet banter that comes with an awards show.  We were watching the Oscars as a family, Mr. H included and he was being hilarious...I made some remark about it and he said he didn't want his commentary to be facebooked, twittered or pinterested! lol. I told him it was "Pinned" not "pinterested."  So my commentary stayed off of facebook for the night. B said nothing about being blogged though. :) I am sure next time he will cover his bases better!

Brian actually sat down to watch the red carpet before I did and kindly rewound it for me to see. His immediate fave.... Emma Stone. Next in line was Gwenneth Paltrow and Michelle Williams. The convo went like this
B: Oh Simone you have to see Emma Stone. Best Dressed. And Gwenneth Paltrow too.
Me: Gwenneth was modern and sleek I bet, right.
B: How do you know that?
Me: I'm a stylist baby!

Tim Gunn was talking to Michelle Williams about her dress (which by the way was one of my faves) and she mentioned that the best thing about is was the color, which she could not pin point. Tim said it was coral. Brian said he thought coral was a blue green color, because you know, coral is in the ocean??  lol. I was dying.

When Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz were presenting, Brian turns to me and says "Oh my I think her n-i-p-p-l-e is showing." My response, "Babe, the kids can spell" He was just on fire all night!

Overall, what did I think about the Oscars? It was boring. The dresses were fab-- Michelle Williams, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Chastain were tdf!

Jessica Chastains McQueen was beyond. I die over that beading...and it seriously set off the color of her hair. Loved it! Cameron Diaz dress was beyond...that flame stitich beading....oh drool! I thought she should have had a bit more jewelry up top.... but the dress was amaze.

So there you have it. The commentary, on the blog instead! (a little less smart ass than what normally occurs on facebook, I must say!)

What did you lovely ladies think of the Oscars? Any fave's?

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Something to hold on to....a somewhat rambling post.

As I have been decorating my way through the last few months, I have been digging deep, thinking about what direction Gardenhouse should go...if any. I read a tidbit that the super stylish Bri Emery or Rue Mag and Design Love Fest fame said in an interview and it was such a light bulb for me. The article was actually a tour of her loft and she was talking about how her style had evolved over the last few years and I so related to that. Mine has as well.  I wonder if that is part of what burned me out on Gardenhouse?? My style is evolving and I need to reflect that through my work as well and I didn't think was happening..... Lightbulb! Ohhh getting deep here! lol.

It has been good for me to have some time off. I've had a few personal things to deal with and have come out on the other side of those felling good and centered because I was able to handle them without the added pressures of staying up until all hours of the morning filling the shop, facebooking about it and blogging.  Sometimes it is refreshing to just have some mental time to do what you want...but I tend to fill a lot of that time with trips to Homegoods and far of antiques stores that I read about on blog,which I have of course found via pinterest! ! lol. So I think I had better start making more of a plan and re-committing to something!

I have thought often about which parts of Gardenhouse I miss and which ones I don't, and whether any of it will be back or not. As I ask myself what can stay and what can go, or if it all just needs to go and I need to move on to something else I have realized that I am still 110% obsessed with clutches...and vintage jewelry. It's funny..... that's where I started. Maybe a return to that? Maybe. I do miss it!

I hope you have enjoyed the smattering of super chic, super stylish clutches.....Here's a treat....a man bag!

I'd say that's Brad Goreski if the cammo was not in the picture ;)  Happy Stylish Friday! Rock a clutch today!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

B vs. Z

Most of you know how totally obsessed I am with Rachel Zoe, yes? Remember back when Brad was her assistant? And then he left? And I honestly didn't pay much attention to it. Things moved on and then those adverts for Brad's new show started popping up. Well I finally got around to setting it up on TiVo and I have been having myself a BradBrad party over here!(in an effort to further procrastinate on the finishing touches of Avery's room! lol)  I have to say I might have a new style crush!  Could he replace Adam Levine on my list?? Possibly...but probably not ;) They should be on separate lists, no?

If you don't watch It's a Brad Brad World, you really should! Brad is adorable! He cries at the drop of a hat, is funny and endearing,  has great taste and he LOVES color! Love me some Brad! Could he not only knock Adam Levine off the top of my list but RZ too?? Maybe....we'll see! Now back to painting. I opted for painting a smaller table for Avery's room so I can set up a little vanity in her avoid more posts like this one..... This bad boy has already take 5 coats of paint, and I'm not even to the Union jack part yet! argh! So glad I opted for a smaller piece! I'm hoping to be able to fit a WIWW post in today too...if not...tomorrow.
Happy Hump day!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pattern Love

Just popping in to say Hi after a day at the golf course with Mr. H. We spent the day at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club. Ummm, can someone please tell me how I didn't manage to find a house in Brentwood when we moved here?? Ohhhh yeah, we're not made of money - and it doesn't grow on trees! That's right!! We had a great time following Phil and some of the greats and I even landed my mug on TV! Did you see me? Five feet away from Jonathan Byrd as he shanked one on the 11th. My SIL was up at my parents house and my mom jumped up and said Simone was just on my SIL had to call me to verify. Although I did know enough to silence my phone I had no idea that I shouldn't actually be talking on a cell phone on the course... at all....not even when the players are not around! You can get tackled for that! At least I didn't make a total scene and choose to wear heels! lol.
I've been chilling this evening, watching TV with Brian and pinning serious deliciousness. I have a few that are too good to keep hidden. Numero uno....this couch!

I want I need I have to have!! I am 110% obsessed with pink couches lately. And that pillow is TDF! Anyone know who the pink fabric is by?? I neeeeeed!
And how about this fabulous chair? I am loving the over sized floral print. I'm pretty sure it's a Designers Guild fabric.

I have had quite a chill day today, but spent yesterday prettying up an old 6' folding table. I love the way it turned out- I would have paid a fortune for it if I saw it in Anthropologie! I'll share that with you this week....once it is back in place in the studio. Yes, that was one more attempt at procrastinating painting the dressers in Avery's room. Yes, tomorrow....tomorrow is the day!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

A little LC surprise

This week I was out running errands with my to-do list on my mind. One of the items on that running list has been the wardrobe makeover of a girlfriend of mine. I have been pinning loads of clothes for Cindy, but she is not a big online shopper and has asked that we hit the ground and shop at brick and mortars!!  Gasp! lol. Well, let me say something about shopping around here-- IT SUCKS!! It means hitting the road and heading over the hill to Pasadena, Northridge, Santa Monica or the likes. Full day. For sure. Now I am all for a full day of shopping every now and then, but online is just so much more convenient. Anyway, since I was in the area, I thought I would run by Kohl's to see what I have been missing. I'm not a huge Kohl's fan. Soooo did you know that Lauren Conrad did a line (many of them) for Kohl's?? I was soooo pleasantly surprised with it and there were actually a few piece I couldn't live without. Affordable chic at it's finest {Something is wrong!! I am supposed to be shopping for a friend - not myself! lol }

Slouchy tee, £35
Madewell denim top, $80
Lauren Conrad tuxedo jacket, $49
Lauren Conrad jacket, $35
Lauren Conrad polka dot shorts, $30
Badgley Mischka feather high heels, $245
House of Harlow 1960 high heel pumps, $250
Rose gold bangle
Aamaya by priyanka clear jewelry, $241
Alexis Bittar pave jewelry, $325

Died over the little metallic dot shorts (can't wait to wear them in summer with a slouchy tee) and the scalloped jacket was lovely! I did get a size up as the seams on the shoulders didn't seem like they would hold up super well (I guess I should liken it to Forever21??) Anyway, I thought I would share some pieces with you-- in case you don't feel like going over the hill either - or if you just want an affordable piece to add  to your list!  ps-- I found another GREAT brand that I luurrrve at Macy's. I'll share that one with you next week!

Happy Stylish Friday!
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inspiration: chic organization and a gathering of tray tutorials

Even though the inspiration workshop has officially moved to monthly, I thought I would keep up with it on a weekly basis still. So today's inspiration is {Beautiful Organization and Storage} Many of you know I have been complaining about the lack of jewelry organization. I have been scouring the Internet and pinterest of course for ideas and came across this!!  It's brilliant!!

I am still thinking I am going to convert our old TV armoire for jewelry storage but I think I will have my dad make one of these for me to put inside the armoire. I LOVE this idea and it looks like it wold be really easy to make - and by that I mean really easy for someone else to make. Like my dad. ha! I would also love to line the inside of the armoire with paper of some sort, I still have loads of this wallpaper from the kitchen but really love this also.  Or maybe even an orange and metallic print of some sort. 

Also on my organization radar -- trays to keep clutter all in one spot! I love the idea of customizing lucite trays with what ever design you would like via fabric, paper or paint. There is a fantastic tutorial here for adding your own touch to lucite tray.

Glitter Guide recently posted a tutorial for this painted wooden tray, which I find very chic.

And Martha S. has a tutorial on taking a baking sheet to the next level.

I could actually see this as being amazing jewelry storage!! Stacked up in a custom made box sort of like the frames above... hmmmm... idears my dears!

Hope you are all feeling inspired to make and organize! I'm off to paint Avery's dressers-- a project I have been dreading! I'll post photos when all is said and done.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIWW and a bit of a rant....

It's the good, the bad and the ugly all rolled in to one today.
What I wore yesterday....

Loved everything about this outfit. The Sweater is Old navy - on maj sale this week...I bought it specifically to wear on Valentines Day...if you hurry, they might still have them on sale for 10 bucks! yes ma'am!The jeans-- Seven for All Mankind, as yooosh (short for usually- how annoying am I when I shorten my words! lol) Shoes.....Romantic Soles (perfect for Valentines day I must say!!) And that little sparkler in the top corner?? A vintage Sarah Cov tassel necklace.

And now the rant!! Can someone PLEASE tell me how to stop the bickering between my kids!!  It is making me INSANE!!  Last night afer a really great day - where everyone was feeling good, dressed well and the girls even went to school in heart shaped french braids (yes, i thought I was mom of the year!) ended in yelling- them at each other and then that set me off! They should have had a great day yesterday, every other Tuesday they have absolutely no activities after's literally the only day they don't have something going on other than weekends. And normally it's a fun afternoon. They relax after school instead of blasting through a snack and homework to get to dance. (maybe they are over scheduled!?!) We got them a cake pop maker for Valentines Day. ONE cake pop share. They use to be able to share so well but I am not sure what is going on lately. They happily got the cake pops made with no problems but then once decorating time came along, so did the relentless bickering! And it just goes down hill from there. I usually just end up taking away what ever they are bickering over. I'm literally at my wits end. They might come home from school today with nothing. ZERO. no tv's, no phones, no computers, no curling irons, no shared bathroom. NOTHING!   Yes, we had a rough morning too! Avery was curling her hair in front of Olivia's drawer. Liv needed to get her toothbrush so she kindly asked Avery to move over so she could get to it. Avery front of the sink... so Liv asked her to move back so she could get to the sink. Avery responds with "I was here first. Can't you just use that half of the sink over there." And once again. it pretty much all goes down hill from there. Avery is yelling, Olivia is rolling her eyes.  I this really how it is going to be??  I just want to hide under a rock. I'm pretty sure it is my fault in one way or another....or so it feels. Should I figure out a plan to separate them in the mornings so they are not under each others feet...or do I force them to make it work? Gosh it seems like it should not be this hard. Don't they know there are kids out there who don't have a bathroom at all?? I've been using that approach a lot lately...I don't think it is working.... clearly.

The house is quiet now - save the sounds of the cleaning gal downstairs....ahh life is good. I need to remember that! I'm shifting my focus, hitting the gym then getting Avery's room finished. Moving on.

Linking up with other moms who i am sure have similar issues over at The Pleated Poppy.
pleated poppy

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

To my guy-- my handsome, hardworking, ridiculously good looking guy with delicious broad shoulders and perfect biceps--The one I met at the young age of 19, to the one who, by 19.5, I knew I could not live without. The one who puts up with all my craziness, the constant re-decorating, the overflowing wardrobe, my jewelry ALL over the bedroom, and my sometimes short fuse.
The one who would not look twice if he came home one day and I had decided to slipcover the couches pink--

The one who calls the living room "little Havana" and is OK with that. The one who smiles through my fabulous idea of a photo shoot in a wedding dress and tux- at the beach- to celebrate our 15 year anniversary.  Baby, I love you.....

Could I say more?? ;) I think not!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Gifts of love - monogram necklaces

Happy Monday ya'll. How was your weekend? Sorry to be MIA for the Friday Style File. I was helping with a baby shower this weekend (strictly in charge of decor) The shower was sunday so I have been under a web of tulle and flowers, spray paint and crepe paper since about Thursday-- there are worse things in life, right?? I'll get some photos edited tonight and will fill you all in on how it went (fabulously) later on in the week. You know tomorrow is Valentines day, yes?? Do you have plans? Us? Nothing big.... a nice family dinner at home will fit the bill perfectly. I'll make something nice...and maybe some delish dessert. And possibly a little gift of jewelry for each of the littles.

What would you like for Valentine's day?? Do you exchange gifts, or just cards? Do you cook a nice dinner, go out, order pizza? Or do you change it up every year? Do you have a Valentine's wish list? I am coveting monogram necklaces. I would love one with our marital monogram - wouldn't that be sweet?  I hope Mr. H reads this post. I love the soft fluid lines of this one,

the more traditional preppy look of this one,

and this one for a pop of color (you know how I love an unexpected pop of blue!)

If you happen to see my love around town, fill him in, would ya'? Thanks!!
I hope you all have a fantastic day of love-- it's just around the corner! Happy Monday!
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspiration Workshop No. 22 - Organization...of jewelry

Hi Dolls! Have you been missing the Inspiration Workshop posts?? Me too!! Miss Gussy has moved to a more streamlined once a month Inspiration Workshop...which is completely understandable. I think starting this week, I shall try to post something inspiring every Thursday....but I need your help! Can you please make suggestions on what you would like to see??  I'd be happy to post whatever you would like! Just leave a comment with your suggestion ;)

This month's Gussy Sews Inspiration workshop prompt is {Organization} Gasp!!  I am not the most organized person-- If you saw the studio on some day...even with the shop not would think I was a hoarder!  {although there really is no such thing as hoarding when it comes to fabric, right??} My current organization issue is jewelry. I am making Mr. H INSANE with my jewelry covering every surface in our bedroom!

I have been scouring pinterest and the net for ideas to help me make a plan---- I have found a few but honestly, most are for people who do not have a {slight} jewelry obsession like myself. Option one is to covert an armoire to a giant jewelry box.... sort of like in the photo above. I have A LOT to organize. There are two corners in our bedroom room that I could use as my jewelry dept....planning on only using one of them... My other option is just loads of wall hooks and saturating the whole corner with the jewelry...sort of like this--

A fabric covered board for brooches, and loads of trays to make the chaos look a bit more contained. What do you think?? What is your biggest organization dilemma? And ho do you sole it? Do you have any suggestions for me? I'd love to hear them!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
Linking up with Gussy Sews! I will for sure be checking out all the helpful links on organization that will be posted.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


An update on my "it" factor! I think I am getting cooler by the minute! And clearly less annoying- in a maj way!

Not sure if you know this-- you may remember my post a while back--but Mr. H drives a giant black Caddy. A DTS! The big one! It's like a hotel room on wheels, it's so big.   He is obsessed with it, calls it the cream puff and washes it every weekend. Well, last Friday night I downloaded this song onto my phone.

Popped it on in the cream puff - loooouuuuuuddd baby! And picked the girls up from dance know, the dance class where everyone stands outside when they are done and their parents just valet up to get them. Bass pumpin' and I'm rockin' out in the cream puff! Yeah, baby! The girls were horrified by loved me and my Lady Gaga! I was double fab with my country version of Born this Way...right??  Fo' sho'!
AND I just discovered that Sugarland and Lady Gaga performed together! Oh MY! I am beyond obsessed with Jennifer Nettles-- she is just the coolest gal eva'! And I'm cool too, because most moms would have no clue that Lady Gaga and Sugarland make a great team!

I am turning into my dad more and more every day! Love you daddy!
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Love on the rocks

Love me some Neil Diamond! How about you? February is the month of Love!
Are you looking for a really fun random acts of kindness sort of activity to do with the kids? How cute is this??

Find a bunch of rocks, paint hearts on them along and scatter them around town for others to find. The girls and I will for sure be doing this. I'm actually thinking about doing this as a fun Saturday afternoon activity for the girls and their friends...or possibly as a classroom activity. I would also like to add inspirational messages on the back of the rocks...maybe via paint pens. It will be nice for them to spend some time focusing on inspirational quotes.
Here are a few I could work into the mix:
Do all things with love
Do all things with kindness
There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend
Constant kindness can accomplish much.
Why give in to rudeness when you can fight back with kindness
When you are kind to someone in trouble, you hope they'll remember and be kind to someone else. And it'll become like a wildfire.
Rudeness is the weak persons imitation of strength. (do you think 5th graders would get that, because I have to tell you, this is the epitome of some of them!!)

Do you have any favorite quotes that you think would be fitting for 3rd and 5th graders? I would love to hear them!
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Love is in the air!

The love thaaang has hit me!! I'm not usually a big Valentine's Day gal but for some reason this year, I'm all over it! Maybe Pinterest has something to do with it! lol. That front page always sets me going!

Anyway, would you not DIE over this love sign? Ohhhhhhh dreamy! It's one of those things I would see from a distance at the flea market, my heart would skip a beat, I would walk my fastest-but-not-so-fast-as-to-tip-the-vendor-off-that-I-MUST-HAVE-THIS walk, ask how much (not even hear what they guy says) and proclaim "I'll take it."  I would wrap it up, take it home and try to justify to my one true love why this was a "needs it" purchase and why needs to be hung in our bedroom.  Yes I would!

I haven't been to the flea markets in quite some time and am feeling all empty inside.... so I think the game is back on! Can't wait!! Hopefully I'll have some 'love' inspired finds to share over the next few weeks. I have been pinning away on my Holiday pinterest board so head on over and check it out if you have some time....or even if you don't have the time! lol. And stay tuned over here....I have a bunch of Valentine's inspired posts in the works, along with a tutorial and a few fun party ideas.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Currently Obsessed with...

It's Friday and I have exactly 9 minutes to do a blog post, get dressed and out of the house to make the class I want to go to at the here's a quickie. My current obsessions-- colored jeans:: pale pink and coral. Silk tops, anything chevron print And Elva Fields necklaces...clearly!
currently obsessed with

Vince silk top, $300
J Brand skinny jeans, €350
Skinny jeans, $140
Dolce&Gabbana platform sandals, £240
MAISON DE VACANCES Leather Love Pillow, $175
Elva Fields — Wild Child, $218
Elva Fields — Sense of Security, $218
Rope Pillow 17x17 in Eggplant by Unison, $48
Zig Zag Shift Dress -, $43

Will you be wearing colored jeans in spring?? What do you think about this trend? And do you DIE over the Elva Fields necklaces...might have to add a few brooches to some necklaces that I already have. I just scored a turtle brooch that I am in luuurrvvves with-- black and gold...another one of of my recent obsessions. K. Gotta run!
Happy Stylish Friday!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I Wore's apparently not as cool as I thought!

Apparently I am not as cool as I think I am. I was running around yesterday in my cute little outfit with what I deem to be the most fabulous bag around!

Top is from Target - last year sometime.
Jeans- Seven for all Mankind
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Watch - La Mer
Bangles- Forever 21 and vintage
Clutch- Gardenhouse! Handmade Chic!!  Fabrics are Paula Prass Botanika and some random cut velvet I found downtown.

I picked the girls up from school and just after greeting me with a fleeting "Hi" Olivia looks at my fab new clutch sitting in the passenger seat and says "Oh my gosh! What is that??" "It's my new bag. Do you like it?"Liv shrugglingly replies "It's pretty but it's huuuuggeee" I say "Oversized, baby. Isn't it fab?"
That of course was met with a swift eye roll and this response "Today, we had to define the word fabulous. I defined it as 'a word my mom annoyingly shortens to FAB and uses all the time' Then my friend and I started talking about how we think it is annoying when our moms try to be cool. And mom, it's really annoying when you shorten all your words." To which I responded "Whatevs'!" ha ha ha!  Another eye roll! Life is good! It's funny!

On a completely polar opposite note, last week, I worked in Avery's class and came straight from the gym-- and let me preface this by saying I don't sweat too much and always dress cute for the gym so I look presentable walking out of there. As I walked into Avery's class, her jaw dropped, she came running over to me and said "OMG, mom. I can't believe you are in your gym clothes!" She took that photo above of me yesterday and also took this one...

I asked why she took a pic of just my shoes and she said "Because I know you love your shoes" I'm glad one of my offspring still finds me amusing, fun and fashionable!

So I'll still be rocking out that oversized clutch around town today...along with a totes (totally) adorbs (adorable) outfit.... and if I feel like swapping out bags, well this one is large enough to put a 16" square pillow in and toss on the couch....or start a pillow fight with one pre-teen who seems to think she would rather have a less stylish and less fun mom! Whatevs'! *wink wink.*

And a little PS-- I'm going to link up with The Pleated Poppy WIWW posts, wvwn though it is Thursday already! ;)
pleated poppy

Annnnnd, I just got a call from the school nurse that my Olivia was "accidentally tripped" at lunch and is pretty scraped up. She was bandaged up and sent back to class. There is a boy at school who has had a crush on her for a long time, he finds it amusing to throw balls at her head when they are playing games. I've pretty much had enough of his behavior. IF it was him that "accidentally tripped" her I'll be marching my oh-so-stylish designer heels right up to his front door and giving him a not so abbveriated, not so shortened, not so fab tongue lashing.So yes,  I guess I can be "not cool, too!" Because, you see, those girls of mine are TDF, and I will do anything for them...other than stop talking like a valley girl ;) Haaaaa, I crack myself up!

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