Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Wednesday - Dueling Leopards & Cheers to Mama Bears

We will just chalk this up to the most random Wednesday post known to man... Partially due to the fact that my "waking up at 5AM ready to conquer the world" streak lasted 4 days. I don't function so well when I wake up THAT early! I can stay up half the night and sleep until 6:45 but can't function on 9 hours of sleep and waking up at 4:30 AM. Itsaproblem! I feel like I  have jet lag...or drank waaaayyyy too much last night. I am not in Europe adn had the most boring night last night so that just sucks!

Anyway, we had Avery's brithday party last weekend which was a blast. 4 girls, fun games, visa gift cards and a trip to the mall. Home for pizza, a holiday lights tour, hot cocoa, make-up, and staying up half the night. I started the day in leopard print jeans but got chocolate on them so changed into leopard pants. Always good to have a back up!

  Dueling leopard 
One of my sweet friends dropped her daughter off for the party and told me she had a great project planned for us. Today she and I sat and chatted and did our best to bang out the most fabulous project that I pinned many moons ago. Have to say that I love a gal who makes me make time for a little DIY and just sitting and chatting. She's a rare breed. It's not often that I just stop the rat race and enjoy life while the kids are at school. Indulgence! Kinda' felt like a trophy wife! lol


More randomness.... Our Christmas cards are here. So happy with how they turned out...and I don't think there is anyone in the world that gets as crazy about holiday cards as I do. My goal for next year is to be able to take the pics myself. Is it sad that I already know what I want to do??? And I quite possibly will not change my mind the entire year! Cray cray..I know!

One more not so fun little tidbit..Mama bears claws were in full effect at the dance studio. I have ZERO patience for bullying and nastiness. Unfortunately other moms do not!  After an incident this week a mom told her daughter to apologize to Avery last night and when the girl saw i was standing by Avery she said she didn't want to...and her mom DIDN'T MAKE HER!! The fact that I kept my adult mature composure through that deserves a full on Champers bar! People are crazy!!

And that concludes this crazy rant! I'm so sure you'll tune in next week for more adult sanity! I swear I haven't been drinking!! Think I might just be delirious from waking up too early!  xoxoxo
Linking up at the last minute with Shanna and her Random Wednesday link up! Love that gal!

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smk053078 said...

Get 'em Momma Bear!!! This is why society is so screwed up....crappy parenting skills!!! UGH! And I want to see our cards!!!!!! Love you!