Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pinned it. Did it. & a giveaway

Remember that post on those fabulous paper stars....found on Pinterst...and the claim to do them? Didn't work out so well! We got through two of the 10 layers and were bored out of our skulls so moved on! lol. Twisting paper around a pencil is not as glamorous as it seems when you actually have to sit still to do it! lol. I have been so side tracked this week....just feel sort of unorganized -- I HATE that! I think it is because I normally get all my Christmas decorating done in one day-- usually a Sunday-- but this time around I didn't. It has taken me days of a little here and a little there to get it done...and I have less decor than I usually do!! Don't know what's up with that!! Again....a little out of sorts this week ;) So one project bored me right onto another one.....or two! Both are VERY quick....perfect for the person with creative ADHD like myself! Found this little beauty on Pinterest and knew that my boring white deer bust must be glittered!

Source: via Simone on Pinterest

Super simple and easy.....foam brush, deer bust and glitter. Slather on the glue with a foam brush, shake the glitter - quick, easy upgrade!

glitter horns2

My second quick and easy update came when I noticed my front door set up needed a little height. I remember seeing this on Pinterest a while back and so set out on our hill to the wood pile. I knew I wanted something thicker and textured and after almost killing myself on our giant pile of branches I emerged with the two most perfect large branches, both the perfect height and with just the right amount of texture. Now, I'm going to let you in on a little secret - and this will save you lots of disappointment - not every metallic spray paint is the same. Don't be fooled by that shiny top!! Most metallic spray paint will not deliver that sort of shine. Except one!! One fabulously perfect metallic spray paint.... Krylon Premium. Found here. I used Silver Foil.

branch collage

I actually could have coated the branches one more time for serious shine...but I'm impatient so that didn't happen! Still, I love the outcome!  What projects have you been up to? Are you the impatient type like me?

One more thing to share.....because it's a giveaway!!  And everyone loves a good giveaway!! I'm participating in a giveaway over at Forty Toes Photography. Jenn is a dear, she is a fabulous photographer and one of the most giving ladies I know.  I love her and would do anything for that gal! Up for grabs is a $50 gift certificate to my shop along with a 15% off promo code. So head on over there, enter and check it out! Then swing by the shop and buy up all those clutches at a discount!

shoes and bags

A couple of my faves....along with new boots....which happen to be on SERIOUS sale! $40 from $109! Thanks always my fave place to shop!!

Linking up with Beautiful Mess Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Swing on by there and check out the fabulous mugs she made!! Can't wait to check out all the other amazing projects.

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Katie said...

Awesome awesome!

I made similar glitter ankle boots the other week :) I love them so much!

Thanks for linking up with us!

Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

I wish I had a white deer bust that I could sparklize!!! That turned out so pretty!!!

Catherine said...

OMG, where oh where did you get a deer bust? I am currently obsessing over deer anything! Love your craft creations this week!

Lauren said...

Love them! :) New follower!