Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pinned it. Did it. A DIY playdate!

I mentioned in yesterdays post that my doll of a friend Kim set up a little DIY morning for the two of us. She found the project, shopped for the supplies and all I had to do was show up! I know!!! I know, you want to steal her don't you? Too bad. She's mine. You'll have to find your own DIY friend! Can i just say that ladies, the finished project is SO BEYOND FABULOUS that I can't stop looking at it!! Are you dying to see what it is? It's gold, fish scaly, modern chic perfection in the form of a wreath!

  Fish Scale Wreath DIY 

Gasp! I'm not usually a big wreath person but this is the un-wreath-wreath!, amazeballs (that one's for you Kim!) I'm obsessed with it! And it's made from about $8 worth of supplies. A foam wreath form and gold thumbtacks found at the Dollar Tree. We each used about 1800 thumbtacks. I think the original tutorial said to get 1600 but I would get more just to be sure. Time wise, it took a good few hours to make this baby but was worth every.single.minute.  The original pin can be found here and the tutorial here. One thing I have to say about the tutorial is that it really doesn't have much instruction except to layer the thumbtacks around the wreath. I would just like to note that no matter how hard you try your thumbtacks will start to go crooked so that the pins on the outside edge of the wreath end up being higher up than on the inside so we ended up just filling in that outside edge with another half row as we went along to try to keep it pretty straight and lined up.  In the end, it's so dazzling that it's close to impossible to see any flaws at all! 

diy fish scale 

Totally a project I have wanted to do for ever but would probably not have sat down to do by myself. I'm pretty sure I can say the same thing for Kim. I would like to encourage all of you to set up DIY dates with your friends. I'm thinking Kim and I are going to have to do this on a bi-weekly basis once January hits. What better way to make sure all your DIY projects actually happen AND to ensure you spend quality time with the friends who really count!?!
Hanging fish scale wreath

One more little note on this... I said I am not a big wreath reason for such -- I hate to have nail holes in the door! Any door! And I'm not a metal wreath hanger fan either...mostly because so many of them are just cheesy! Anyway, I have found a way to solve this little dilemma....I loop the wreath around a long piece of ribbon and then tack the ribbon to the top of the door frame. It looks gorgeous and spares you having a hole in your door when you take the wreath down.

Linking up with the fabulous and charming Stephanie and Katie for Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. Because I saw it. I pinned it. I did it.... Thanks mostly to Kim!!  Love you girl!

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Emily Rehse said...

That is to die for!! I must try my hand at this!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Wow! So cool! Wreaths seem kind of intimidating to make but I would try this one!
Jeans and a Teacup