Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adding jewels to the everyday.

Thanks goodness the Saw it.  Pinned it.  Did it link up seems to be on vacation this week  because I confess!! I've been a bit lazy lately. Totally neglecting the blog. I'm sorry. What have I been doing you ask? Well, Christmas was spent hanging with the kids, going to the movies and out to dinner (I know!!! I didn't cook. Guilty pleasure!) I have been spending a bunch of time playing board games with the kids, laying on the couch with the Big B (one of my fave pass times) and perusing Pinterest for fun Decor inspo and things to do...but of course not actually doing them. I DO have big plans though! lol. Lately I have been loving everything jeweled. Do you die over this?

It's been freezing here and I had to break out my boring puffy jacket. It needs jewels. Bad. Tomorrow the girls and I are heading downtown to ice skate at Pershing Square and pick up a bunch of trim, fabric and baubles. I will most definitely be shopping for baubles for my jacket. This would be a very easy no sew project...if you would like a glue recommendation E6000 bonds everything...EVERYTHING....and it sticks through the wash as well.  Also loving jeweled headbands.

Source: via Simone on Pinterest

We are heading to the mountains for a few days and one of the main things I am going to do while there is learn my new camera lens. Totally want to take some pics of the girls in some fun headbands.

Again, easy glue projects...a little E6000, something sparkly and a few good velvet flowers and silk ribbon and we would be on our way. Would know. If I decided to actually motivate from in front of the fire! Which I will. Tomorrow. Promise! I'll do my best to check in here a little more as well.

I hope you are all having an enjoyable and relaxing holiday time...thanks for bearing with me in my laziness holiday hibernation! Cheers!!

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