Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Tis the season

Playing catch up here! So sorry for my absence. I think the best way to catch you up on which rock I have been hiding under is to share with you some of my instagram feed.
1 D
A One Direction birthday party, homemade One Direction cake, shirts, party chandy and 15 girls who were more than enjoyable! Had a great time!!!

 Yesterday I spent a little time on myself. Got my nails did.. don't know why I love saying that, but I do!!  lol. Sporting a red lip too!! The Elf pencil from this post. I couldn't find the Elf gloss so bought a Rimmel gold gloss that was just across the isle.

Running errands in black, white and red!! #elfcosmetics @gapstyle @targetstyle

How do you think I am doing on my make-up project. Def need a few lip lining pencils.....put those on the list :) Any advice on those?? Is there one you can use for every color? A universal lip liner??

 Family is in town today and really looking forward to a delish Thanksgiving dinner.  Tomorrow I"ll be blogging about a new love-- it's handmade and statement making, so be sure to check in!

How was your weekend? Do you feel like the end of the year is always such a crunch??  As much as I don't love that, I really am sort of liking the fact that Christmas is here. Contemplating a white tinsel tree.....discuss amongst yourselves.

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Barb said...

I pop in now and then and read your blog. And I purchased a great vintage necklace a while back from your shop...it was the hit of the summer wedding circuit! I just have to say... LOVE the red lipstick! And you have a great smile... you often are not smiling in your photos...you should whip that smile out more... it is so sunshine-ish! Thanks for all the great style tips.

nancy chartrand said...

you have such an amazing site, I am glad i found you through forty toes :)