Thursday, November 1, 2012

The bright side.

Is anyone else really glad Halloween is over? I did manage to make it through with a smile. Avery gave me one last laugh...when she decided a third Halloween was going to happen.

  "this is going to be the best Halloween costume in the history of Halloween costumes" says #tweenfashionistasister 

Let's backtrack two weeks shall we? Miss A declares she would like to be a tornado (which I have to say is rather fitting!! Her room is in a constant tornadic state!) Enter 40 yards of tulle.Said costume is a success at the parade and costume contest at school last weekend (I wish I had a pic of the finished product but my camera came with me to the school event without a memory card.....think it got swept up in the tornado! )  but it is not easy to move in. No bueno for trick or treating with friends who literally RUN from house to house. Sooooo the little miss decides she will have to have a second costume. I ask that she find something from her closet that is simple and easy. How about a "Lumber Jill?" I ask. "A fancy dress mixed with a flannel shirt and some work boots. Would be super cute and easy" Nope. Not happening. She would like to make a tutu to be a clown. More tulle - at this point we should talk about how much I despise working with tulle. It's awkward, it sticks together and is not easy to lay peeve fabric!! And I had just gone through 40 yards of it making that tornado and an angel costume for my niece.

Please make Halloween be over!!! #donewithtulle

But I put on my happy face and cut another umpteen yards of tulle all the while grumbling about how much I love Halloween! Oh and lets not forget about the clown wig we had to traipse to the mall to get!! On.the.weekend.before.Halloween. That was fun!! So Clown costume is made, worn to two three Halloween parties- not too bad!!  Tuesday night I am sitting watching TV and in saunters my little know, the one that doesn't fall far from the tree, in yet.another.costume.

Lumber Jill

Lumber Jill. Sassy pink dress she wore in first grade and a buffalo check flannel.

1D woman!! 

Fortunately, this beauty didn't have so many Halloween functions and was so in love with her costume that there was never another option. 1D Wonder Woman who is OBSESSED with One Direction.  

I can sit back and laugh about it all now...because really, it is funny! I should expect things like that more often.  Life is good! Thankful for health and happy kids and good friends and the fact that Halloween is over!  Happy Thursday.

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Alisa Marie said...

OMG - that is adorable! I love making halloween costumes, they are so much more fun!

sweeter than cupcakes said...

Lumber Jill is genius!! Love it!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Oh my gosh...great costumes! Good job mom! I found you through Shanna's blog and I'm a new follower! Love your clutches and I'm also a southern Californian :-)

Just Another Shopaholic said...

So great!! Love!!