Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving tidbits - a recipe and tablescape

Thanksgiving dinner is one week away! Yay! Do you have favorite recipes that you make each year? Our menu is almost always the same and includes two turkeys, one roasted, one fried, as well as a slue of sides the star being the best brussel sprouts know to man! Seriously. You will become addicted to brussel sprouts and the total star of Thanksgiving dinner if you use this recipe  with one adjustment, saute the brussel sprouts so that they actually brown. Put them in the pan and with the bacon grease (I actually drain most of the bacon grease, just leave the bottom of the pan coated) and let them saute like you would onions.....don't stir them until they start to brown, then flip the over to brown the other side. Then continue on with the recipe. I would also suggest not adding all the chicken broth at one time, add it as needed. Best brussel sprouts eva'....promise!  I have been busy making lists for the menu as well as picking up a few items for the table. I found some new modern shaped wine glasses at Marshall's excited as I have been wanting new wine glasses for years but have not had the heart to spring for the Kate Spade ones I am in love with. At $30 for 12, I'll take these as a close second! You'll have to wait until I share my tablescape to see them. You know the tablescape is just as important as the meal in my book. I LOVE to set the table for any occasion and really love entertaining.  I spend quite a bit of time looking for inspiration on pinterest and thought I might share one of my faves with you.

Isn't this AMAZE? Gold- check. Black- Check. Leopard-check. Geometrics-check. Lush flowers gahhhhh. I go crazy over this! Let's not talk about that gold flatware, please!!! I really, really, REALLY want this flatware. But is $29.00 for a one place setting....there are 10 adults coming for dinner, 6 can do the math on that and see that there is no way those are happening. BUT-- I have done a little research on painting flatware, so stay tuned!! There might just be a little fun project hitting this here know, after I slipcover the couch, create a little art for my gallery wall and host a One Direction themed birthday party for 17! Next week's outfit posts are sure to feature nothing but sweats or their not so distant relative, leggings and slouchy sweaters!  Until Thursday, at which time I will dress up! Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I couldn't be happier!

If you need some inspo for your table check out my  fashion inspired tablescapes, here and here.

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